Nitro Swimmer of the Week for October 13th – 18th, 2014

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Ella Mings  Ella had a fantastic week in the water! She’s really consistent about making practices, which is paying off. Her breast stroke timing is getting stronger & stronger, and her freestyle reach is so tall! We’re excited to see where her dedication and hard work take her in this sport! Great job, Ella! – Coach Jessie 

Bee Cave:Jake Mayer – Jake has really stepped up as a leader for his group lately.  He always come to practice with a smile and is on top of things! Recently he has put a lot of effort towards his breaststroke kick and it has really paid off! When we worked on breaststroke this week his kick looked awesome! Even though he had to slow down a bit to master it, he took the time to focus and got the results he was looking for. Great job Jake! Keep working hard!! – Coach Meghan


Cedar Park:Sandrine Tuttle – Sandrine has been working really hard on her backstroke flip turn. Last week, we were doing our last 50 backstroke in practice, I reviewed with her the steps before she pushed off and she got it on her final flip. I am very proud of her accomplishment and cant wait to see her continue to work on her flips! Way to go Sandrine! – Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave:Nora Romman – Nora has made big strides this week with her kicking and diving.  She get stronger and stronger everyday because she shows up and gives her very best effort when she is in the pool.  I was really impressed with her backstroke this week.  She had much better body position on the water which stems from her work on kicking.  I am very proud of all that she has accomplished and look forward to seeing her grow even more.  Great work Nora, I’m proud of you!! – Coach Jared

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Dani Kennedy & Zhizhen ZZ Yang – Dani has really  come a long way in the T/F group especially with her endurance.  Her technique has improved as well with her butterfly.  She’s really getting some lift in her arms and good head position.  ZZ has always shown up for practice with a winning attitude.  He is showing great promise in his breaststroke with a quick and fast pull.  Great recovery with his hands.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. –Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Megan Cantwell is hands down the swimmer of the week this week.    She has been diligently working at all practices, making sure she knows what we are doing next, etc…  This week, she had one great practice, and took to heart every correction the very first time from both coaches.   Megan’s attitude is awesome, and her freestyle is especially taking on a nice form.   Great work Megan!  Looking forward to many more great practices!  Keep up the good work. – Coach Linda & Coach Tanner


Cedar Park: Oliver Rowe – Oliver was one of the first few faces I saw on my first day with Nitro at Cedar Park. From the very beginning I could tell that Oliver was on the pool deck ready to learn. He had no problem introducing himself and shaking my hand, which is a very mature trait from age 7. During practice I can tell Oliver wants to learn each day. He is one of the first swimmers out of the water to listen to instruction and continues to ask questions throughout the set. Keep up the hard work Oliver, you will continue to do great things! – Coach Allison

Bee Cave: Bridget Wu – You can not deny how good this young ladies walls and underwaters are, a very tight streamline is her magic, and the truth of the story is that she does not leave it at just the streamline, her tight core is better, the way she holds a tight heel and toe position, how quick she closes that loose leg position I see in so many other swimmers, Bridget has been working so much on the evolution of her streamline by paying attention to the little details that as a whole it makes one of Nitro Swimming’s best streamlines. This young lady has learned it early and I believe we are going to here “WOW!” coming from coaches on the pool deck about Bridget for many years! Great job Bridget and thank you for setting the bar as high as you do for all the Silver swimmers at Nitro. – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Dominic Barone – If you want to see what hard work looks like, look no further than Dominic.  This swimmer is one of the most impressive athletes in terms of both physical ability and mental preparedness.  Dominic comes in every day with an attitude that couldn’t be better for training.  Great work, Dom! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Jeremy Suh – Jeremy is the swimmer of the week. He started the week with a great job in the underwater streamlines, in the main sets and being one of the captains in his lane. He has shown great effort and has demonstrated he wants to challenge himself. An important point to make, is he showed up to last weekends meet wanting to compete and after we made it possible, he gave it his all, improving his time in every event. Outstanding work Jeremy. Keep it up buddy, because with that drive and motivation, you are going to get very far. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS..SI SI SI!!! – Coach Felix


Cedar Park: Ethan Chen – He has been a solid training partner all season. He can be counted on to be leading a lane and pushing all the other lanes throughout practice. He has also started a habit of beating his best times in practice. Looking forward to seeing what he can do in a meet. Congratulations and keep up the good work. –Coach Travis

Bee Cave:Jasmine Park – Jasmine has been on fire at practice the past few weeks. I have really admired her dedication to her technique during practice. She is constantly asking for feedback and making sure she is doing the set right. Keep up the great work! – Coach Adrian