Nitro Swimmer of the Week for November 5 – 10, 2012

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Brandon Hicks – Brandon has been working very hard to maintain continuous kicks and side breathing.  This Saturday everything came together for him and to top it all off Brandon can dive!  Keeping his chin tucked in tightly and his streamline locked behind his head. Entering the water hands, head, shoulders, knees then toes; Brandon made it all look easy!  Keep up the Hard work Brandon!

Bee Cave: Gabriel (Gabe) Allen – Intro To Nitro
Gabe earned this award because he knows how to work hard and listen effectively. At every single practice he is not only giving me 100% effort but is also diligently working on his technique. Because of this he has been stronger and more efficient with each practice. Keep Up the great work Gabe!


Cedar Park:Chinmay Pingale – Chinmay comes to all of his practices ready to learn and work hard.  He listens carefully to directions and focuses on each correction he is given.  He is setting the ground work for great technique by making sure he gets it right before trying to go faster. It is a lot of fun to see how much improvement Chinmay makes each week!  Congratulations Chinmay!

Bee Cave:Kaylie Jones– Kaylie joined us only a few weeks ago and has consistently pushed herself every practice.  Her effort and drive has exponentially grown throughout her time with us at Nitro and she has made her way to the front of her lane to become a leader.  Kaylie is learning with everyone else in the group without hesitation to ask questions.  We are very happy to see a more confident and less timid approach from Kaylie as her progress continues and look forward to what she will show in the future.  Way to go Kaylie, keep it up!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Denise Barbosa Carmona & Cole Pomroy – These two swimmers were cool as cucumbers during practice.  With an active and verbal group of swimmers in their lanes, they paid attention, listened to instructions, led their lane.  Great job you two smooth operators.  Thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Jaysen Hoskins– This week Jaysen made awesome adjustments to his body and head position in his freestyle. He always comes to practice ready and determined. His flip turns have improved so much the past couple weeks. Keep up the great job!


Cedar Park: Elinor Krits– Back in the day my Coach used to always say “attitude is everything”. Elinor is always in a good mood at practice and she leads her lane almost every set. She knows to push herself and is improving with every practice.  Keep on smiling.

Bee Cave:Faith Runyan – If you were new to Nitro Swim, where you walked onto the pool deck for a Silver practice for the first time, and the first person you met was Faith, you could not find a better example of what Nitro Swimming is all about, someone who loves to be here, works so hard on her strokes, and gives it her all when it comes time to race, all the while with a smile and a laugh! Coach Adrian and I are so very impressed with her butterfly and breaststroke, her focus has certainly paid off. Keep making us proud Faith!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Shelby DuBose – For the last two weeks, Shelby has been patiently reminding me of her birthday swim-always with a smile on her face. I love that she did not give up on me, and that her attitude is always positive! Happy Birthday two weeks late and great job Shelby!

Bee Cave:Scott Brown– Over the past couple of weeks Scott has demonstrated a real change in his attitude and focus.  He is consistently leading his lane and is responding to stroke correction with a genuine desire to get better.  Improvement is not always about just going fast.  More often that not it is about doing the drills and stroke focused sets with integrity and discipline.  Of course, it is also true that speed and strength are certainly needed for challenge sets.  Scott has been showing me that he can do both and I expect to see him getting even better as a result.  Keep up the good work Scott!


Cedar Park: Joseph Hunninghake– Joseph has put together a string of really nice workouts this past week, including challenging the group leaders in a set of 10×100 Freestyle. Joseph is very passionate about swimming and these are characteristics that will continue to serve him well in his future swimming career. Look forward to seeing keeping adding more and more TAGS cuts over the next several meets.

Bee Cave:Ian Brann– This week Ian came back after being out with an illness, one that was bad enough to keep him from competing at the last UT meet, but he jumped back into his training very well. Never once did he sit out from a repeat, never once did he ask to take a rest room break, and still not being 100% he resumed his place as a lane leader as well as a group leader! His hard work sets an example for any Gold Group swimmer trying to move up to the TAGS Group, which is where Ian will be training starting Monday! Congratulations Ian!