Nitro Swimmer of the Week for November 2nd – 7th, 2015

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:

Bee Cave: Emma & Pierce Millar – Emma and Pierce have done a great job in practice of being lane leaders, listening, as well as improving their strokes! Emma has a big smile and makes sure to make the other girls feel welcome, while Pierce does a good job of demonstrating! Both did a great job this week! You make practice really fun! Good job and keep it up! – Coach Sarah


Cedar Park: JT Baxley – I’ve known JT since he breezed through the lessons pool, and it is awesome to have the opportunity to watch him grow as a swimmer. Although he found it tough at first, JT works hard every day in practice, and is quickly finding his strength in the pool as he refines his stroke technique. JT also had 4 outstanding swims at the meet at UT this past weekend. Keep it up JT! – Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Kai Sager – Kai has been doing a great job in practice, his strokes are really becoming very strong, his length off his walls are the basis for some great training. Great patience on his pullouts and his underwaters, every time coach Randy and I watch the reach, the kick, and bodyline we just smile. This young man has a future in this sport, and what tells us this is the bill smile he has everyday at practice! Great job young man. – Coach Chuck

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Tanvi Gupta & Ben Proulx – Tanvi and Ben did an excellent job  working the hand paddles and showing  perfect  head position  for freestyle  and backstroke.   Tanvi had an excellent  kick while  rotating her body especially  with the freestyle  portion.   Ben ALWAYS has his hand up to demonstrate for his group and it shows great leadership  skills.  Always  willing  to help the group.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Jordan Cox – Jordan only comes once a week, but boy does she impress me every practice. This week’s focus was backstroke, and she made some great improvements. When working on stroke counts, her initial number was eight. By the end of practice, she had cut it down to four! She accomplished this by working extremely hard during practice to make her backstroke more efficient. Her work ethic and desire to improve as a swimmer made the decision easy for me this week. Excellent job this week, Jordan! –Coach Peter


Cedar Park: Kevin Li – Kevin had a phenomenal weekend at UT this weekend as well as many other Silver swimmers, Kevin stood out because he had the type of meet all swimmers have at least once in a lifetime, where nothing can go wrong and times are dropping like the leaves of a tree. Congratulations to Kevin on a job well done, looking forward to many seeing you continue the progress. – Coach Nick

Bee Cave: Alan Chu – What an impressive week for Alan! He stepped away from his norm in training and really impressed coach Peter and I, This was the Alan I had seen in months past, the swimmer who raced on every set, his kick was over the top and he was not settling for second best! To watch him train was fun for the coaches, one eye on the clock one eye on the competition, a true racer. When Alan puts this kind of effort into his training I know his meet times will make big drops. Bring this A game attitude to practice every day young man and anything is possible! Great Job! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Halley Terrell – Halley is a rock in the group who we can always count on to work hard.  We practice all four strokes and she doesn’t hold back for any of them.  Halley participated in the TXLA meet on Sunday and killed it – not only achieving BB cuts on all four events she swam, but now she’s even knocking on the door of two more A cuts.  I’m continually impressed by Halley’s work ethic and I look forward to seeing what she can accomplish this season.  Drive hard, Boomer! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Catherine McCluskey – Catherine, you’ve come a long way in Advanced Silver and your EXCELLENT job is starting to pay off. A great example of this was your great swim during this last meet at UT, ending with three ‘BB’ times and an ‘A’ time for your records. Not only does your swim deserve Swimmer of the Week, but also your perfect attendance and leadership in practice are the perfect combination to succeed. Keep it up Catherine..FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS..SI SI SI!!!! – Coach Felix


Cedar Park: Olivia Valdez – Olivia has been working extremely hard in practices. She has made changes in her turns, underwater kicking, and even taking on more challenging sets. This past weekend she swam many events but was a little nervous about the 200 IM. We talked a couple days before the meet about all the things she had changed and worked on and she absolutely crushed the 200 IM! Way to go Olivia! –Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave: Kaylee Wu – Kaylee has always been a hard worker. She has just begun to vocalize what she would like to achieve over the next few months of her swimming. This weekend Kaylee achieved an A time in her 50 breaststroke, and got out of the water with the biggest smile on her face. There is nothing better than a happy swimmer. While Kaylee and I can still continue to work to improve, and I  am impressed and proud of where she is in the sport right now. Keep on smiling, Kaylee! – Coach Allison