Nitro Swimmer of the Week for May 2nd – 7th, 2016


Intro to Niro

Cedar Park: Mary Ligarde – Mary did a fantastic job this past Saturday, she lead by example and demonstrated for the group. We are so glad to have you in the group Mary. Keep working hard and having fun in practice. – Coach Flo

Bee Cave: Grayson Wilkins & Will Rodenborn – Greyson is never short on effort and spirit during practice. This past week we worked on all four strokes—the IM (individual medley). He showed great improvement working on this underwaters and strong kicks for each stroke. Will competed in his first Nitro at the Races this past weekend tackling the toughest event at the meet—the 100 IM. He gave 110% and finished with a giant smile, which reflects his attitude each day at practice. Thank you Grayson and Will for all your hard work and energy! Butter, back, breast, free, goooooo Nitro! – Coach Raven


Cedar Park: Bella Nahidi – When Bella first started in Bronze a few months ago, it was a little bit of a rough transition. It was a challenge to get used to the higher demands of the new group. These last few weeks, though, Bella has really stepped up her game. This week in particular, she focused in on the timing of the breathe and the kick for butterfly, and she nailed. By the end of the week, Bella had an absolutely beautiful butterfly with great rhythm, and she even got to demonstrate for her group. Awesome job Bella! – Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Shannon Lin – This young lady is developing very fast in the water, swimming to a 2nd in the 50 back and a 4th in the 50 free at our Nitro at the Races, she has shown how hard she has been working. The next step for Shannon is to sign up for a Sanctioned USA Meet, her backstroke time from Saturday is already faster than the National B time, plus she is only 2 seconds off the B time in the 50 free, and I can’t wait to she how well she will race at a pool like UT. Great racing young lady! – Coach Chuck

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Kinsey White & Phi Tran – Awesome job on your breaststroke this past week! Really great job on your foot and arm position really reaching forward and extending your body for a full recovery. And great attitudes to match. Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Hudson Gross – Hudson came to practice ready to learn and worked very hard to master the skills that were taught this week. He swam tall, with a great kick, and his freestyle rotation was superb. He also was ready to demonstrate for the rest of the group and was quick to help his teammates out with the interval and with understanding the drills we worked on. It was a joy to watch him excel in practice and swim a great 50 free on Saturday’s Nitro at the Races. Keep up the great work, Hudson! – Coach Shannon


Cedar Park: Ashley Park & Hyunwoo Chong – This week the challenge wasn’t about speed or strength but about being patient, staying focused, and maintaining a controlled and balanced body/head position. As we worked with the paddle on our head this week I saw the both of you excel. Having a good body line is important as it keeps the rest of your body in rhythm, making you efficiently across the pool. I am happy to see this in the two of you as it is important to learn at such a young age. Keep up the work and be patient with your skills and development! – Coach Ben

Bee Cave: Kai Sager – Congratulations to Kai! I have seen drastic improvements in Kai’s strokes over the past week. He has been making a conscious effort to fix many of the details in his strokes, particularly freestyle and butterfly. This past week the group worked on holding their breath while taking butterfly and freestyle arm strokes- by focusing on his head position and stretching out his arms longer, Kai was able to transform his butterfly and understand the rhythm of the stroke better. He has quickly been gaining speed in every stroke! I am very proud of his efforts and can’t wait to see him continue to swim faster. – Coach Lianne

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Quentin Sumner – Well done, Quentin Sumner! Quentin has always been able to go fast, but even fast swimmers sometimes have trouble focusing when they’re surrounded by distractions. Quentin recognized this last week and took it upon himself to move lanes to get away from said distractions. When he did, boy did he take off! I have never seen him so focused and willing to perform sets to the best of his ability. Awesome work, and let’s keep this train rolling, Q! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Camryn Thigpen – Camryn, PERSEVERANCE is one of those qualities that helps every person to achieve every goal they set for themselves. I can say, and especially from this Saturday during practice, that you are a true believer of this concept. You had a blast during the 10×100 freestyle main set, listening to the best advice from the coach you did such a great job all the way to the end. Keep working hard and all your dreams will come true..good job Camryn! Keep it up..FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!! SI SI SI!!! – Coach Felix


Cedar Park: Sarah Wilson – Sarah continues to not only push herself, but her teammates in practice. She continues to build off of each improvement she makes and is taking more of a leadership role during practice. She may not be the loudest person in the bunch, but she continues to lead by example and doing things the right way! WAY TO GO SARAH! – Coach Jeremy & Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Abby Teel – Abby is one busy bee. She does a great job of managing it all though! I’m quite impressed with the racing that I saw from her this weekend in San Antonio. She has been working through some aches and pains during practice, but has still been able to put in the work. I am impressed with how strong she is in the water, and she worked hard this weekend at the meet. She was able to swim some events for the first time in long course this weekend, and its fun to watch a swimmer learn how to race a little bit differently than they are used to! Can’t wait to watch you continue to race. – Coach Allison