Nitro Swimmer of the Week for March 3rd – 8th, 2014

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Bharvi & Bhavya Varu – Bharvi & Bhavya have made huge improvements in their swimming this month!! They both listen attentively, and work hard to do each skill like their coaches instruct. Their dedication is paying off in better strokes and technique. I’m proud of you, two! Keep up the good work! – Coach Jessie

Bee Cave: Aidan Zhao – Aidan did a really good job this week! He came in Saturdaymorning ready to go. He put a lot of effort into his butterfly and it paid off for him. Keep up the hard work Aidan! – Coach Megen


Cedar Park: Hailee Seiser – The coaches asked Hailee to help a new swimmer in the group, and she did a great job in showing the swimmer “the ropes”. It was a great example of being a supportive teammate and allowing a swimmer to feel comfortable in a new group. Thank you Hailee and great job! – Coach Kristyn

Bee Cave: Eli Ward – Eli has made some nice adjustments to the bronze group. Eli improved his body position and mechanics in all four strokes. He is such a joy that he always leaves practice by saying thank you. Keep up the great work Eli! – Coach Adrian

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Abigail Justice & Elijah Reuter – Abigail and Elijah have really stood out this past week.  Their breaststroke technique has really improved as well as their pullouts.  They are getting a great grab of the water during the pull.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Nolan Amblard – Nolan is ready to work hard every day. He pushes off every wall with a great streamline, finishes hard to the wall, and likes to be challenged in practice. Great job Nolan! Keep up the hard work! – Coach Clay


Cedar Park: Khanh Lai – Khanh has been an absolute pleasure to coach all season.  Works hard, listens well and gets along great with everyone she swims with.  She picks things up like a sponge and can almost always be counted on to demonstrate a skill for others.  Keep up the great work Khanh! – Coach Dakota

Bee Cave: Radhika Gautam & Nina Velacheri – These two girls have been having a quiet battle to see who goes farther off each wall every practice, watch one do her flip turn, then the other and it’s a tough call which one is better, but everyone is past the flags and pushing to the 10 yard fruit loops! Every day I hear coaches prompting 4th line, streamline past the flags, we have lane buddies, Gatorade bottles, and still swimmers are coming up short! Well these two young ladies have the length, the patience, and the technique, that makes them the best and most consistent turns in all the silver groups at Bee Cave. I know these two young ladies are on the move and their focus and turns will take them there. Ladies keep up the great work!! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Grace Healy – Grace has stepped up her competitive side in the pool.  She has recently started leading her lane and training out of her comfort zone.  Grace always has a good attitude in the pool and it’s exciting to see her take this sport very seriously.  Keep it up, Grace! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Jasmine Bui, Paxon Porter and John Leeds – I like to emphasize the value of technique, the value of listening and having a great attitude. Frequently, swimmer of the week goes to somebody who has really improved or a swimmer who lead by example or did something that encouraged a teammate. I’ve spent hours and hours writing about athletes who show up with a sense of purpose or demonstrate just how much they want to be in the water, getting better. But, some weeks, it’s about grit. And this week, Jasmine Bui, John Leeds and Paxon Porter showed their grittiness. Sometimes you need to make up words to make a point. 4 x 75s free on 1:15, 4 x 75s on 1:10 and as many 75s on 1:05 as they could do. Jasmine: 16 John and Paxon: 18. Special mention for Katie Bender, Katie Tuohy and Katie Wokoek for their outstanding performance as well! Keep up the great work ladies and gents! – Coach Jeff


Cedar Park: Shelby DuBose, Elise Johnson, Ben Offeriens, Karsten Olsen, Kaylie Pasqunio, Beau Player, David Shay, Dan Vinnik, Max Vinnik, Bella Zapata – Congratulations to all of our TAGS swimmers! For all of the swimmers who made the trip for relays only you demonstrated your dedication to the team and all of your teammates and coaches truly appreciate it. We had a fantastic and at some times chilly TAGS weekend. Lots of great swimming from all of the Gold participants. But most of all I enjoyed seeing the support and cheering by all of you for your teammates throughout the meet. It says a lot more about your character than just how well you perform in the water. Congratulations and keep working towards your goals! – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: – CJ Suarez – CJ has taken his natural speed, added focus to the mix, and the end result is someone who is improving his feel for the water, the strokes count is coming down, the power is increasing, and the young man is making a breakthrough, and every night it is just like every swim at every meet, a smile, and a question, do you have any corrections? Any advice? And back to business! I will miss working directly with CJ as his time in GOLD is short because TAGS awaits. Well done young man! Coach Chuck.