Nitro Swimmer of the Week for March 30-April 4th 2015

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Cady Goone – Cady is swimmer of the week because of her fantastic attitude!! She comes to every practice with a smile on her face and is enthusiastic about learning new skills each week. She also does a great job listening to the coaches instruction! Great job, Cady! – Coach Jessie 

Bee Cave: Luke Tinsley – Luke is pretty new to intro and is still getting used to practice and swimming in a bigger pool. Even though things are a bit challenging he still puts his best foot forward and gives it all he’s got. Last week we were so impressed with the work Luke did on his freestyle! He really did well and saw a lot of improvement by the end of practice. Great job this week Luke! Keep working hard! –Coach Sam and Coach Mike


Cedar Park: Meredith Wolfe – Meredith had a great week! We worked on our “perfect 25” set and she was just that in all 3 things we were working on! She had a great attitude during the set and was very supportive to other teammates. I’m very proud of you! – Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave: Jordyn Borick – Jordyn absolutely tore it up this week on her diving.  We talked about really pushing with the legs and exploding off the block this week.  Jordyn did an amazing job of getting off the blocks and getting into a nice tight streamline position that she was coming up five yards further than anyone else without doing any kicking underwater.  That is some strong diving.  Great job Jordyn!  Keep up the great work! – Coach Jared

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Morgan Hatfield & Noel Ortiz Colon – Morgan and  Noel really rocked it this past week with their  great freestyle  head position and  breathing  technique.  Both  swimmers  had great concentration and we saw a difference  in their effort  to  improve. In addition to  that they always understand  direction,  ask relevant  questions, and are leaders of their lanes.  Great  job  you  to thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Stephen

Bee Cave: Mari Johnson – Mari has prove time after time that she is up to the challenge. Last week I offer her the challenge of doing a 200 freestyle and she did it with no problem. After that I told her about the 500 yard freestyle and she asked if she can do it and without any fear of the distance she got in and completed her 500 freestyle. As a distance swimmer I’m extremely proud of her for not afraid of how hard it is to do a 500 yard. Most swimmers would rather stay away from it, but not Mari she takes it head on and on top of that her dive is the best I seen in the group. Good job Mari, I am very proud of you. – Coach Tanner


Cedar Park: Trinity Storms – Trinity has been a wonderful addition to Silver group in the past few weeks. At the start of her time in Silver I could tell she was a bit nervous to ask questions or to ask if she could take a break. Not any more! Trinity has started to open up with me and her team mates. She asks questions about the set and does a wonderful job of listening when I talk to her. Keep up the work Trinity, and the improvements will keep coming! – Coach Allison

Bee Cave: Camryn Thigpen – Coaches watching swimmers in practice always see mistakes, you stop the swimmers and make corrective suggestion,  you do this over and over every practice, to disrupt the bad habit is really trying to change behavior, change the feel of the stroke, at first the swimmer can only enact the correct change for a short time, so you still stop the swimmer over and over giving new prompts to see if that creates the desired effect. This week Camryn did something brand new, in the middle of swimming butterfly she made a correction to her butterfly without being prompted! This is the kind of “WOW” moment coaches look for, she felt something wrong, made a change to her head position, changed the feel and created a smoother stroke! Well done young lady, a self aware swimmer will make great strides in much shorter time. Keep it up Camryn! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Katie Zografos – Katie had a great start last season, but that was interrupted with a rough injury to her leg.  This didn’t stop her in her tracks – instead, she got back in the water as soon as she could and continued to work hard.  As Katie’s injury healed, we included more kicking and now she’s holding some of the fastest 100 freestyle kicks in the group.  Way to bounce back from a tough situation, Katie! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Catherine McCluskey – Catherine started this week on a high note, as all swimmers of the week do. This week was her turn 🙂 she showed all of us a proactive attitude in every practice, and she took note of every suggestion made to better her freestyle and butterfly, taking each one in and putting in the effort to get better. Discipline and focus are the key to success and I encourage you to keep that mind set, you are well on your way to discover the reward of hard work. Keep it up Catherine. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!! Sí SÍ SÍ!!! – Coach Felix


Cedar Park: Alex Hoang – This week he has demonstrated his drive to improve on a daily basis. He is constantly pushing himself to be better. He is beginning to emerge as one of our consistent leader within the group. Congratulations and keep up the great work. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Faith Rouse – Everyone in the Gold Group is working hard to be a stand out, each practice swimmers race, they push each other, challenged by swimmers on either side as well as those in your same lane, staying with the group requires tones of focus and desire, many swimmers are very vocal about their desire to train, but some are very quiet. Faith is one of the quiet ones, but you can’t help but notice how hard she has been working these last few   practices, racing against swimmers on every set, you can see the desire, and when she does a time swim faster than her best meet time you can see the confidence grow in her, Great Job this week young lady, keep pressing as hard as you can, challenge the swimmers around you, I love it when , you jump in and take the your lane, that speaks very loud to me! Well done Faith! – Coach Chuck