Nitro Swimmer of the Week for March 2nd – 7th, 2015

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Will Brooks – William is swimmer of the week because of his great work ethic every practice, & his team spirit. You will often catch him cheering on his team mates during practice, and encouraging them if they get down. This is an excellent quality for any athlete! This was Will’s last week in Intro, as he is moving on to Bronze. We are excited to see him progress in his swimming career! Great job, Will! – Coach Jessie 

Bee Cave: Liam Moore – Liam did a really nice job this week! He had his first challenge set, and even though he was a little intimidated he powered through! He also did a really great job with his flip turns! He put his forth his best effort and made some great progress. Great job this week Liam! I am so proud of you! Keep working hard! – Coach Meghan


Cedar Park: Lizzy Dieckert – A lot of the time the swimmer of the week is complimented on their great attitudes, skills that they have gotten better at, pay attention and leading this week we are going to praise a skill that we should be praising more and that’s being a great TEAMMATE! Lizzy, two separate times witnessed by two different coaches, encouraged a teammate to try something new and something that was challenging in practice. She encouraged a teammate that was a little discouraged with some of the IM turns we were working on and also encouraged a teammate that is struggling with their diving! Lizzy, keep up the attitude, leadership, and great attitude! – Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave: Malia Hydes – Malia really impressed me this week with her energy and enthusiasm.  She showed up to every practice ready to swim and a smile on her face.  When we worked on breaststroke, she had a 110% attitude and really made some improvements during practice.  We did a dive 50 breaststroke at the end of practice and she went a personal best time.  I can’t wait to see her in another meet and see what she can do then.  Keep up the great work Malia, I’m super proud of you!!! –Coach Jared

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Reanza Gara & Tyler Gonzalez – Both swimmers have been with NITRO for awhile and are always,  ALWAYS willing to help out the other athletes and demonstrate for their group.   Even though Reanza gets really cold sometimes she always pushes through the workouts and Tyler has his hand up immediately when it comes to helping out the other swimmers.   Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Stephen

Bee Cave: Haven Sirizzotti – Haven was not able to do her flip turn at all and this week she was able to over come that. We were in the water working on her flip turn most of the practice, she was a little afraid at first but after awhile she finally got it and took off with it and really enjoying the rest of the freestyle set that we do. I am proud of her get it after attitude and never give up until she gets it. – Coach Tanner


Cedar Park: Silver #5 – We had the privilege of being able to combine our Silver and ND groups on Friday night to enjoy a relay or two. I watched as we split up the relays and wanted to see how the Silver level swimmers responded to their role models. I was amazed at how comfortable my Silver #5 group did. They were interacting with ND and introduced themselves just as mini adults. I love seeing our swimmers mature out of the water. Silver #5 has such a lively energy about them. I love being able to be apart of Nitro and even though we have a large amount of swimmers, each one adds their own special sparkle to the mix. Way to go NITRO! – Coach Allison

Bee Cave: Casey Wei – Big things are happening for this young man, Casey is using his kick and underwaters to take the pressure off his arms, he finally has a well balanced stroke, this has turned things around for his IM as well, the backstroke has more of a snap to the arms and his breaststroke is the longest it has ever been. Casey is now chasing other swimmers in the group; he has found a way to push through the pain by staying up with the swimmers in front and in the lane next to him. Great job young man! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Tarek Sims – Tarek Sims is this week’s SOW!  Tarek is fairly new to the group and he is already fitting in very well.  Not only is he one of the nicest athletes at Nitro, he also has a willingness to get better on every rep of every practice.  Tarek did a fantastic job learning how to do a full relay start over the past two weeks—something brand new to him and he learned that skill with flying colors.  Keep it up, Tarek! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Ellie Cobett, Matthew Sabuda and David Lax – We want to CONGRATULATE these three swimmers, Ellie Corbett, David Lax and Matthew Sabuda, who worked hard and gave the extra mile in every practice/meet to achieve the Texas Age Group Championships (TAGS) relays cut. At this very moment, as I’m writing this text, Nitro is in second place and these kiddos are part of this story. From now on, magic moments are about to happen in your swimming careers.  You guys have opened the door and are a solid inspiration for all of those Advance Silver swimmers that will continue working hard and focusing for next season. The sky is the limit and for sure we will be better every year to come…#veryhappycoach! FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS..SÍSÍSÍ!!! – Coach Felix


Cedar Park: Jaylin DuBose, Adam Micek, Chad Fifield, Kelson Flynn, Megha Siddapureddy & Kendall Strauss – This weekend all of these swimmers participated in our age group state championship ( TAGS ). Most of them traveled all the way to Houston to swim only on our relays. They represented Nitro very well swimming very fast with smiles on their faces helping us to a very strong 2nd place finish in the Team Championship. Thank you for all of your commitment. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Logan Walker – Having being sick the week of STAGS really got Logan out of his groove. He worked so hard all season and he got hit with a nasty flu. He bounced back and had a stellar performance at TAGS this past weekend. Logan was crowned Boys 10&Under High Point Winner and is the 10&Under TAGS Champion in the 50 & 100 FR! I really admired Logan’s aggressive swims in the morning and at night. The work doesn’t stop here, let’s keep it rolling into LC. Nice job Logan!!! –Coach Adrian