Nitro Swimmer of the Week for March 21st – 26th, 2016

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:

Bee Cave: Katherine Cui – This past week, Intro to Nitro continued working on underwaters—on their stomach and back. While all swimmers showed HUGE improvements, Katherine awed me. She continuously made it past the “fruit loops” with her underwater butterfly kicks on her back. Don’t let her size fool you; she is a fierce swimmer never lacking energy or effort. Great work, Katherine! – Coach Raven

Cedar Park – Pranav Senthilkumar Big week for Pranav! Demonstrated a great bodyline on his freestyle, swimming like he was 8 feet tall! Underwaters were superb as well. Coach Flo and I were both impressed! Keep it up! Coach Mike.


Cedar Park: Angela Fu – Angela has become quite the swimmer in the time she has been in the Bronze group. She has great attendance, and you can always count on her to put in 100% effort. This past week, we did a test set of sorts, seeing how fast the kids could go on 3 consecutive 50 freestyle swims. Angela not only posted really fast times, she maintained a beautiful stroke, even when she was super tired. Keep it up Angela! – Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Oliver Ward – Great work out of the young man this week, when asked to demonstrate a tall catch up freestyle drill he never misses, butterfly under water streamline out to the fruit loops a given, and I can always count on a strong kick at a point when other swimmers legs are starting to fade. Oliver proves every day that being a group leader doesn’t mean you have to be the first swimmer in the lane, Oliver shines in any position, and if you would see that smile you would know how much he loves swimming! This Long Course season should be a show place for how hard he works, and Coach Randy and I can’t wait for his first 50 butterfly. Great job young man! – Coach Chuck

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Tasneem Fatima & Jayce Oh – Tasneem is always a great presence at the pool. Always willing to demonstrate for the group, always with a positive attitude, always willing to lead her lane, always encouraging her teammates. Jayce nailed it this past Friday. Leading the entire group by watching the clocks and paying attention to the intervals.  Jayce has always had leadership qualities and it’s very impressive. Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Ally Bryant – Ally did a great job this week, especially with her body rotations on freestyle. We used the one arm freestyle drill to emphasis our rotations, and I was very impressed Ally’s focus and effort. She made the rotations look so smooth and easy! Ally has been doing an outstanding job for a long time, so this was very much overdue. Excellent job this week, Ally! – Coach Peter


Cedar Park: Dhruv Pant – Throughout the entire week Dhruv had incredible work ethic. Consistently, Dhruv is on top of what’s going on at practice. I rarely have to remind him what we are doing or when to work hard and go fast! This week during a set that was supposed to be completed with fins, Dhruv asked if he could do it without wearing fins. Although, he ended up missing some of the intervals, I loved how he took the chance. He was willing to give it everything he had, and he did. Awesome work this week! Keeping on pushing! – Coach Ben

Bee Cave: Qi (Harry) Wang – Harry stands out as one of the most dedicated swimmers in Silver group. He comes in everyday ready to work hard, and he has become a leader in his group because of it. Harry listens well and takes to mind the advice he receives from the coaches, and it shows in his strokes as they are visibly improving. Great job, Harry! – Coach Lianne

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Felicity Hesters – Felicity really is a gem of a kid.  She’s one of the most positive influences I’ve come across and it’s clear her teammates really enjoy having her around.  Felicity proves that you can be both nice and tough, as she puts in 100% effort and then smiles while she rests.  She definitely knows what swimming hard is all about.  Keep glowing, Feliciraptor! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Sean Wang – My friend Sean, you are experiencing the awesome feeling of a SUCCESS that comes from your hard work. I’ve noticed a good and positive maturity from you every day in practice. The decision to step up and be the “Lane Captain” is a good indicator that you can get as far as you want to when you put your mind to it. Keep working hard Sean; remember that hard work does not have a substitute. Keep it up buddy!  FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!! SI SI SI!!! – Coach Felix


Cedar Park: Kendall Strauss – Kendall had a great week of practice and has been working exceptionally hard on the details and skills that transition into speed. We worked a lot on kicking and propulsion in the practices this week and ended with freestyle on Saturday. Kendall impressed both coach Adam and myself with her attention to detail and effort. Way to go Kendall! – Coach Jeremy & Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Truman Armstrong – Truman has been on fire lately. When he pushes himself in practice, he is unstoppable, especially in his freestyle. I particularly love Truman’s positivity he brings to practice each day. I don’t think I can recall one day that Truman comes onto the pool deck and isn’t ready for practice. You can tell that all of his team mates enjoy his jokes and smiles, and they have no problem sharing a lane with Truman. He is a good team mate, good friend, and great swimmer! I cant wait to continue to work with Truman, and climb the ropes, I promised! – Coach Allison