Nitro Swimmer of the Week for June 29th – July 4th, 2015

Intro to Nitro 

Cedar Park: Kavin Sridhar – Kavin has such a great attitude every time he comes to practice! He is a great team mate and listens attentively to the coaches. This week we worked on freestyle and he did a awesome job with fast kicks & tall arms! Great job, Kavin!! – Coach Jessie

Bee Cave: Nick Musil – Nick has been doing a great job and not slowing down with practice and summer rec. Nick always come to practice full of energy and ready to learn. Great job Nick keep it up. – Coach Sam


Cedar Park: Raphael Wang – Raphael had a great week working on his Backstroke and Breaststroke. We worked a lot on the turn and underwater! I’m very excited to see how he does in his next meet when he is racing! Keep up the hardwork! – Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave: Morgan Adams – Morgan had a great week in the pool this week. Our focus the past few weeks has been on our open turns, I have really enjoyed seeing Morgan’s progression in this specific area. Keep up the great work! – Coach Adrian

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Abigail Utama & Nicholas (Nico) Falsone – Abigail had a great improvement, especially in her backstroke underwater catch and great head position. Her breaststroke is really looking pretty impressive. Great recovery above the water and a sharp fast kick. Nico surprised us this week with some distance swimming. He swam his 200 freestyle almost effortlessly. Who knew he might be a distance swimmer. We’ll see in the future. Thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. Hope you had a great and safe Fourth of July weekend – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Cory Chang – Cory recently practiced with the Silver group and rocked it! He’s not going to be in TF much longer, and his work ethic has earned him swimmer of the week. Great job, Cory! – Coach Peter


Cedar Park: Grace Ornelas – Grace is just a great addition to Nitro. She is a hard worker and its complemented by her coming to practice and working with me each day to improve herself. She’s a very strong swimmer and does a great job of getting the most out of her swimming. I’d love to see Grace continue with swimming- she has a great and bright future. – Coach Allison

Bee Cave: Isha & Aihika Mitra – The ladies put on a very nice show for the silver group, how to drive into the wall for turns, tight tuck, great reaction to the wall, and finish it off with tight streamline fly kicking. I would be hard pressed to pick which one does the turn better, the speed and distance re almost identical! Their freestyle gets stronger every day because their turns make it that way! Take note all swimmers who feel their freestyle needs work, Aihika and Isha will tell you win with your turn work. Great Job Ladies! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Lucy Wang – Lucy Wang earned herself the SOW title this week.  Lucy has been steadily improving on all her strokes and it was evident she has been working hard based on her mock race results on Thursday.  She’s always willing to put in the effort and now her technique and speed are vastly improved.  Lucy doesn’t just show up every practice—she’s ready to rock every practice.  Way to go, Lucy! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Andre Taylor Montero – Andre, this week you changed your mentality and you realized that the harder you work the bigger and better results you get. You understood what it means to feel that desire to do more and get more. With that fire and motivation, you will continue to get further. Keep it up Andre..vamo vamo arriba! FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS..SI SI SI!! – Coach Felix


Cedar Park: Audrey Dieckert – This week she displayed an amazing ability to dominate every set. Every day setting the bar for what should be done on every stroke. Keep up the great work and I have no doubt you will attain all the goals you set for yourself. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Norah Cullicott – Norah has been just great in her training, I remember the 6 year old who first came to Silver, the young lady with a big smile, great laugh, and a sour look when swam any sets longer than 25s or 50s! Today I see that same smile, the same laugh, but the zour look has become one of determination, no distance to long, no interval that can’t be challenged! Norah has become a great swimmer! Coach Adrian and I are very proud of you young lady. – Coach Chuck