Nitro Swimmer of the Week for July 25th – 31st, 2016

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Nathaniel Sharples – When choosing a swimmer of the week we look first and foremost for lane leaders. Nathaniel always leads his lane in exemplary behavior. He listens to what the coaches have to say, he always volunteers to demonstrate, and he strives to apply the correction given to his stroke immediately. Among leaving the wall every time in streamline this week, Nathaniel demonstrated huge glides on his breast stroke, something which the coaches were trying to emphasize to all of our groups. Congrats Nathaniel! You always set the bar for group 8. – Coach Hannah, Coach Claire, and Coach Sam

Bee Cave: Tanvi Thandri – Tanvi showed great patience this week as Intro focused on dives. Her positive attitude and persistence helped strengthen her dives. She was able hold a tight streamline when entering the water and continued working on straightening her legs as she exploded off the side and “mini block”. Tanvi’s determination is apparent each day, and she always leaves wanting more. Thank you for sharing your love for swimming! –Coach Raven


Cedar Park: Jasmine Lamb – Jasmine has done great with the transition to Bronze. She has been eager to lead her lane from day 1, not intimidated by intervals or bigger kids. This week, Jasmine displayed an unbelievable catch, really latching onto the water and pulling herself through with great strength. Jasmine also worked hard on her breathing, concentrating on her one goggle breathes. Way to go Jasmine! – Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Karis Angie – Karis has done an outstanding job becoming one of our best up and coming young swimmers. She has a great kick, strong quick arms, and loves to race. Now this seven year old impressed so much this last week swimming in our Nitro meet she dropped 8 seconds in her 50 free and then another 12 seconds in her 50 backstroke. Karis is a great trainer, she reminds me of a younger Jasmine Park from a few years ago, four solid strokes, the makings of a great IM on its way. Keep up the great work young lady! – Coach Chuck

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park:

Bee Cave: Asha Karmakar & Carolyn Grant – Both of these girls demonstrated excellent flip turns and subsequent underwater on Saturday! It takes a good bit of practice to “bounce” off the wall from a flip turn and even more practice to do your underwater afterwards, but these two did an excellent job at both of these things. I was so impressed with them they made it easy on me when choosing this weeks SOW. Great job, girls! – Coach Peter


Cedar Park:

Bee Cave: Allie Dunn & Tahlia Burns – Allie did an incredible job at the July Sprints meet at Nitro this past weekend! She swam the 50 and 100 butterfly, and maintained strong strokes throughout the entire race. She had a race plan going into each event which she followed exactly. I can always tell that she is focusing on fixing her strokes during practice and then using what she has learned in races. Congratulations, Allie!…. Wow, what a week for Tahlia! Tahlia demonstrates a natural ability in the pool which particularly stood out this week during the butterfly workout. Tahlia controlled her butterfly stroke well following some progression drills where we worked on the full body rhythm of the stroke. She also did an excellent job limiting her breathing to every other stroke and keeping her head down as she finishes into the wall. I can see Tahlia becoming a strong butterfly competitor- keep it up, Tahlia! – Coach Lianne

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Lauren Roberts – Lauren has been on fire lately.  She recently started swimming with the Orca group instead of the Dolphins, and she’s definitely not afraid to push her limits.  Lauren has done a great job taking her role as an athlete seriously and is first to work hard and last to brag about it. Stay tough, Lauren! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Camryn Thigpen – Camryn is one of those swimmers who spreads her energy and happiness to everybody every time she’s on deck. Besides this excellent compliment, this past week she demonstrated a pretty elegant swim in every set, specially on the Backstroke where she rocked in every detail of the style.  When you see that kind of performance combined with her energy, you know its a recipe for pure success. Keep it up Camryn! We need swimmers like you around to continue making the difference. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!!! SÍ SÍ SÍ!!! – Coach Felix


Cedar Park: Oliver Rowe – Oliver was one of the seven kiddos from Gold that participated in TAGs this last weekend. He had best times across the board and made it back to finals in his 100 Fly, 400 Free, 200 Free, & 100 Free. Way to go Oliver!! –Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave: Adriana Klaas – What a fighter. She did an awesome job of stepping up for her team mates this weekend at TAGS and playing a major role in our relays, which scored points! Adriana gets along with just about everyone and has a gaggle of friends who simply just love the sport of swimming! Way to go AK. – Coach Allison