Nitro Swimmer of the Week for January 6th – 11th, 2014

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Axel Waters – Axel is always happy to be with us at Intro, despite the cold. He has shown a lot of improvement in breaststroke and particularly butterfly kick. He’s a great listener and always trying to do his best in the pool. Way to go Axel!! – Coach Kirsten

Bee Cave: Aaryan Shamra – First week back in the water after a month back and he didn’t miss a beat. – Coach Meghan


Cedar Park: Felicity Hesters – This weekend Felicity participated in the B Championship in San Antonio. She was the only Bronze swimmer that attended the meet. Congratulations on making your first of many Championships meets. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Kaylee Wu & Garret Herb – Kaylee has come a long way since she first came to Nitro.  This week she has showed me her full potential and has improved tremendously on her stroke technique. She listens well when I make the correction for her and she try her best to fix it. Her improvement is what make our job as a Coach well worth it, the best reward that a Coach can get. Garret has made my job as a Coach very rewarding. Always asked question and when I gave him a feedback he fix it right away. He always gave me 100% when he is there even. He is the smallest one there and always try to stay with the big boys. I see a great potential in this one. – Coach Tanner

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Juliana Dent & Daniel Mendez Garza – Both of these athletes rocked it this past week.  We did a lot of interval work with our kick sets and they were both on it watching the clocks and really engaged with the groups.  Great to have them back after the holiday break.  Off to a good start.  Thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Maddie Kremer – Maddie has taken huge strides in her mad antics since joining Nitro. Maddie always shows up with a smile on her face. It’s her determination to be first that has her leading her lane every practice. She asks important questions that further improve her mechanics. Great work this week Maddie! – Coach Adrian


Cedar Park: Alyssa England, Kianna Kapa, Bella Gamez, Hailey Freeman, Olivia Valdez, Anoushka Naryan, Samantha Faulkner, Autumn Matula, Paula Warren, Chester Maillart and Kelson Flynn – All these swimmers represented themselves, their families, and Nitro swimming incredibly well over the weekend at B Champs in San Antonio.  One of the most telling traits of a great swimmer simply loves each moment in the water from competition, to practice, and discovering new odd ways to contort themselves underwater.  All of these swimmers very clearly have that love for the water, and through the work they’ve put into practice they all had a great B champs meet.  Great work guy and girls, as a coach it was very fun to watch your successes over the weekend. – Coach Dakota

Bee Cave: Lisa Kortekaas – Lisa is making a change she recently moved up to Silver, entered into the Christmas training with a smile, and has been doing a great job, the turns are getting better, the intensity during kick sets is what makes her a standout, and last weekend she had two great meets one in Corpus Christi on Saturday and the second at UT on Sunday, she improved her 50 fly at both meets just missing her National BB time, also she better her 50 backstroke by a half a second. Great swimming for someone still adjusting to the longer workouts, great stuff Lisa!! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Ana Herceg – Ana works hard in practice and it really showed when she swam in the meet at UT on Sunday.  She had not only dropped lots of time in all of her events, but she also proved that good habits in practice really pay off in meets.  Keep it up, Ana! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Paxon Porter – What amazes me about Paxon is his focus.  He shows up every day ready to swim. He is courteous and respectful to his fellow teammates as well as the coaches. This week he really blew the lid off a kick set, establishing a standard for the rest of the group to follow. Paxon is a joy to coach, never needing to be told something twice.  Keep up the great work Paxon! – Coach Jeff


Cedar Park: Kaylie Pasquino – All week long she has been working hard to develop her kicking. One of the more challenging things to do for several reasons but most of all because of the burning sensation in the legs. After all that hard work she capped it off with great meet on Sunday. Congratulations and keep up the great work! – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Kaitlyn Rouse – Sunday marked the end of a very hard Christmas training period and the tail of the tape was the meet at UT, it was small and that meant not much rest, Kaitlyn swam a great 200 butterfly bettering her time by 4 seconds and getting National BB time in only her second time swimming that event, then with less than 5 minutes rest she dropped another 6 seconds off her 200 IM time finding herself 6 seconds off a National A time, great swimming Kaitlyn!! – Coach Chuck