Nitro Swimmer of the Week for December 8th – 13th, 2014

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Wilson Phillips – In Intro practices we talk a lot about finishing strong, and how to keep going when swimming gets tough. Wilson was a perfect example of this at the Nitro at the Races meet on Saturday. Not only did he attend the meet, he bravely signed up for the 100 yard I.M. This is a tough event, and about half way through he got tired. But when faced with the choice to give up or finish the race….Wilson finished the race. And not only did he finish, but he finished strong!! All the coaches on deck were incredibly proud of him! We’ve all been there, and enduring through a tough race is NOT easy, but Wilson demonstrated incredible endurance & determination! We’re proud of you, Wilson! Great job! – Coach Jessie

Bee Cave: Tyce Bogdon – This week was Tyce’s first week back since he injured his ankle, and I was so impressed with how well he did. Even though he is still recovering he put all his effort into practice. There are some things that he is not able to do yet, but he didn’t let that bother him or get in his way. Way to go Tyce! I love your positivity and am so happy to have you back in the pool! Keep it up! – Coach Meghan


Cedar Park: Aidan Albaugh – Aidan has done a fantastic job leading the lanes and keeping track of the intervals on a consistent basis. He worked extremely hard on his underwaters this week and making changes! Keep up the hard work! – Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave: Pierfrancesco Papi – Cicco has been a great leader in Bronze.  He comes in everyday ready to work hard and make improvements.  He consistently leads his lane and sets a good example for his teammates.  Anytime a coach has a correction, he listens and does his best to implement it in the water.  Bronze is lucky to have him and I look forward to his progress as a swimmer.  Good job Cicco, Keep it up!!! –Coach Jared

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Rowen Salazar & Fernando Matas – Rowen really rocked it this past week nailing the underwater streamlines and butterfly recovery over the water. Fernando did a great job leading his lane and willing to demonstrate for the group. Both of these swimmers showed a great demonstration of leadership. Great job you two thanks for being apart of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Burnet: Logan Tisdel – Logan is such a great leader in the TF group. His energy level, work ethic, and talent really shined this last week as we prepared swimmers for the meet on Saturday. Though Logan wasn’t going to be able to attend the meet, he was a GREAT motivator and helper to those who were going. On top of his outstanding attitude, Logan made a break through this week on his butterfly rhythm. Thanks for being such a hard worker and great kid! Congratulations Logan! – Coach Katrina

Bee Cave: Tyler Flewelling – Each week it is getting tougher to pick just one swimmer of the week.   So many swimmers are improving and having break through.  However, Tyler was so focused this week, that he had one terrific practice!    Shows what one can achieve with focus and attention.   Great work Tyler! – Coach Linda


Cedar Park: Arushi Harkawat – Arushi’s positivity and enthusiasm jumps out at me everyday. Whether it’s her silly jokes or her team spirit, she is the epitome of a great team mate. During explanations of the stroke, I can always tell that she is watching my demonstrations and takes the time to ask questions during and after practice. Most recently Arushi shared a hilarious science joke with the coaches, “oxygen and magnesium go on a date, everyone was like, OMG!” Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Keep on smiling Arushi. – Coach Allison

Bee Cave: Sierra Averill – This week we made some changes, added a few new drills, now when you add new stroke drills you always run into the learning curve, a time adjustment, getting the body used to the new feel, it takes some swimmers longer than others, but Sierra processes the information and applies it to her stroke so quickly the improvement is noticed right away. Today we used a new rotation drill working with your arms crossed, sometimes with fins sometimes without, but when it came time to apply the feel her shoulders were much higher out of the water and that lowered her stroke count. So many times you here a coach repeat the directions of a set, over and over, not with Sierra, great focus, great understanding, superior results! Impressive work young lady! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Neha Siddapureddy – Neha is finding her inner tough side and it’s starting to really shine through.  She has been killing it in practice and has changed her attitude completely from I’ll try to I want to and I will!  Neha is on track to be a serious competitor, and if she continues to have this attitude, I’m certain she’ll be successful.  Stay tough, Neha! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Alex Williamson – Alex has worked hard since he first started out in Adv. Silver. Especially this week, we saw a very confident Alex in every practice. Giving his all everyday, even in the most intense training sessions. He has demonstrated an excellent ability and quality in his underwater streamlines (almost 25yds underwater on his back). BOOM!! Alex, practice makes perfect. Do not stop and never quit, because you are on the right track..FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!! SI SI SI!! – Coach Felix


Bee Cave: McKelvey Valenti – This may be the last time McKelvey is eligible for swimmer of the week in the Gold Group here at Bee Cave, being a typical Saturday IM is the event of choice in our training, today was filled with timed 100 stroke swims from a dive mixed with 100 IM swims, when you have a swimmer repeating at National A times in the timed swims it is a clear standout! McKelvey has taken a stroke that she used to struggle with and turned it into a weapon! Her butterfly is effortless, 32 seconds for a 50 fly doesn’t even get her cheeks red, and finishing in 1:11 for the 100 has no effect on her breathing, so to see her race the heat in the 400 IM and finish 30 seconds ahead of the heat tell me it’s time to say goodbye to Gold and Hello to TAGS 2. Never stop believing in yourself young lady, Great Work. – Coach Chuck