Nitro Swimmer of the Week for August 11th – 16th , 2014

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Zoey Moulton – You can really tell Zoey enjoys swimming! She works hard to do her best every week! And alongside team practice Zoey has been doing private lessons here at Nitro. All that hard work and time in the water is paying off! We worked on endurance this week, and Zoey was able to keep her stroke technique looking good even when she was tired. That’s quite an accomplishment! Great job, Zoey! – Coach Jessie

Bee Cave:Riley Birck – Riley has been out of the water a bit this summer, and got back in the water this week. Wow! Her attitude was amazing! She came back and was ready to go! She tried to make sure that all of her strokes were correct and put 110 percent into her practices. Way to go Riley! I love your hard work and positivity! Keep it up! – Coach Megan


Cedar Park: David Homiller – He really stood out this week during our sets. During our challenge set this week he was averaging 45 seconds per 50 Free for 8 in a row. That is very consistent and quite an accomplishment. Keep up the great work and congratulations. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave:Alexander Balon – Alexander has really stepped up his training this summer. I have really admired his constant focus for the duration of practice. Whenever you give him feedback he embraces it. He always wants the get better. Keep up the great work Alexander! – Coach Adrian

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Juliana Dent &  Paras Nijhawan – Juliana had been away from the pool for some time this summer but she’s back and in fighting form.  Leading her lane, watching the clocks and doing all the flip turns without being told.  Paras is a quiet swimmer and he gets the job done in the pool.  Streamlines look great as well as his pullouts.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Cory Chang – Cory comes to practice with so much enthusiasm it’s contagious!  He puts his best effort in on every practice and it’s been showing.   We did some 50s this week with decreasing times, and he couldn’t wait to hear how he did on each of the 50s.   His breast stroke is improving, not to mention his butterfly stroke, flip turns, and more.  He’s a leader and tracks the intervals to keep things moving!   Keep up the great work and leadership. – Coach Linda


Cedar Park: Nicole Sprencel – When we get swimmers transferring in from another group the transition can sometimes be a bit difficult.  We generally expect it to take a few weeks for the kids to get used to the intervals, drills and longer intensity of the workouts.  Nicole has started off at an incredible pace in her first two weeks with Silver.  From day one she was working her tail off on the kick sets, focusing on the drills and getting after it on our swim sets.  She’s set a pace that’s truly incredible for a new swimmer to the group and a testament to both her own determination and the coaching she’s received previously at Nitro.  Keep up the great work Nicole and you’ll excel to greater heights. – Coach Dakota

Bee Cave: Robert Schaab – It doesn’t seem that long ago that I remember Robert not being able to keep up in the group, now I can’t remember the last time I didn’t see him leading the group, I’ve never seen a swimmer have so much fun getting beat up and tired training a fast set, Robert really is having fun and fun translates to fast swimming. “How did I do today?” a question he used to ask after every practice, “Great Job!”, keep up the intensity young man, he is closing in on Advanced Silver, soon Robert very soon!! His smile seems to take away the pain of the lane and the group always trains better when he is there. Keep pushing the group Robert! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Michael Nguyen – Michael has done a great job not just swimming hard, but his attendance has skyrocketed as well.  He has always had a great attitude, but it’s tough to excel when practice attendance is low.  Lately, Michael has been working very hard in arriving at practice and hurrying to get into the pool, and his abilities have definitely grown!  We coaches look forward to seeing him every practice.  Keep it up, Michael! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Naomi Kruger – Naomi has made her self known this week. Even with her back ache, she’s given the extra mile each and every practice by being in the first places in her lane, and being ready to lead the way in it when necessary. She finished the week with an excellent kick set and a very strong series of 50’s in IM order. Naomi, for your great example of dedication and sacrifice in the last few days, you are the swimmer of the week. Keep moving forward with that attitude, and keep your focus on your goal everyday and every week. – Coach Felix!!


Cedar Park: Joshua Louie – He is always ready to accept challenges during practice. He can be counted on to push the group and keep the effort level high during the most challenging of sets. His leadership will be missed in the group as this was his last week with Gold. I cannot wait to see who will fill the void left by all of the leaders that will be moving on to new groups. Congratulations! – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Joe Gillett & John Fontenot – What makes a group leader, focus, attention to detail, ability to race, all great reasons, but in the case of these two young swimmers it’s the pure love of swimming! Every morning, lap after lap, it is one pushing the other, like Lochte and Phelps, neither one wanting to give an inch in the lane, the lead passes back and forth, not a polite hand off but an earned effort, they know each others weak and strong strokes but when the set starts there is no weak or strong stroke only clear water to race for, in the end nothing but red tired smiling faces sometimes even a laugh or two if there is time. How do you know they are friends? Simple when one or the other misses practice training in that lane seems a little off. Keep pushing each other boys, great job! – Coach Chuck