Nitro Swimmer of the Month for October 2015

Cedar Park

High School Training: Darren Nguyen – Although Darren has not been in HST for very long, he is beginning to emerge as one of the toughest workers, and overall most reliable swimmers in the group. Although I can recall a few early practices where the idea of struggle began to peek its head in, I can not recall a time he ever gave up. It’s hard to create that fight in someone, (especially at practice), but Darren constantly brings it, all the while never flinching with a word of complaint or a hint of disdain. Every practice he shows up, ready for more, and it is paying off – not only for him in his swimming, but for the entire group. Keep working hard Darren, and can’t wait to see what’s next. – Coach Nick

TAGS 2: Ana Herceg – She has been a consistent leader during practice. Not just through her effort level, which has been fantastic but more importantly she is very focused on making the necessary stroke changes. She is always working to improve her underwaters off every wall as well. I look forward to seeing all of your hard work pay off as we head into the fall. Congratulations and keep up the great work. – Coach Travis

TAGS 1: Ethan Chen – Ethan has had a great month of training. Ethan has been stepping up to the move up he made at the beginning of the season and really shining with in the new group. Ethan is a quite and very modest athlete but his hard work always shines through in the end. Very proud of the work he has done and am now looking forward to seeing that effort translate to some fast racing. – Coach Flo

Sectional Development: Shelby DuBose – Shelby has been working through some hills and valleys the past 6 months or so and has been working her tail off to get back on track. She is healthy, determined, and can now kick Breaststroke for more than a 25 with very little to no pain! I am super impressed with her determination and hard work and can’t wait to see her compete these next few months! Way to go Shelby!! –Coach Jeremy

National Development: Greyson Alarcon – Greyson had a great month of October.  He started the month by having a number of lifetime bests at the TXLA Kickoff, then he ended the month by winning the Open Water Dam 5k race in Spicewood!  Greyson also led the group in our T-20 (20 minute swim for distance) all while doing 4 underwater kicks and not breathing 2 strokes off of every turn.  Greyson has done a lot of this by never making excuses for himself, and instead finds a way to rise to the challenge! – Coach Elliott

Bee Cave

Middle & High School Training: Kaley O’keefe – Kaley has been a joy to have in this group. She recently competed in the Nitro Spooky Sprints meet which was her first competitive meet in over a year, and she absolutely killed it! She shattered her previous personal best in the 200 IM by over six seconds and turned in some other very impressive times! She works incredibly hard which is evidenced by her potential move up to Senior. I needed to recognize Kaley and the great person that she is before she leaves us! Great job, Kaley! – Coach Peter

TAGS 2: Kylie VanderMeer – Kylie has really stepped up her training the past few weeks. She has shown that she is willing to go outside her comfort zone and not hold herself back throughout works outs. While it is still developing, what I have seen is amazing effort and commitment to each set. She is serious about the preparation it takes to reach each milestone she has set for herself, ending with achieving her goals. Kylie is dedicated to the process and I can’t say how excited I am for her and the motivation she brings to her team mates each day. Way to go Kylie! – Coach Allison

TAGS 1: Julian Baeza – Julian moved up from Senior group and has immediately made a great impact upon the group.  Julian is a quiet, modest swimmer, and leads a lane at all times in practice.  He is a backstroke and breaststroke swimmer, as well as I see him lead many of our freestyle training sets.  He moved here from Dallas recently and is finding his niche amongst his NITRO teammates.   We welcome Julian to NITRO and look forward to watching him shine as a Nitro swimmer.  Keep it up Julian! –Coach Randy

Senior: Hadley McCormick – I’ve become so used to spotting the swimmer of the week, 3 or four days of hard work for a swimmer, like a sprinter putting together one good race, but when you look for swimmer of the MONTH, this is a different animal! You remember the good set, you see a great race, but over 30 days so much can happen, illness, school, family commitment, and just the combined level of work. Hadley was the one, I look back over the month, check   my notes that I scribble on the workouts in the margins, and her name was written more than any other. Comments like exhausted, consistent times, fruit loop turns whole set, and yet it was her performance on a set of 100s long course sprint with fins, right after kicking with the drag sox’s, on Saturday that was the topper, she held 1:07 or faster on each one, with a bright red face and the look that told the whole story, every single yard of a great day! This was a good month young lady, here’s to making November just as good if not better! – Coach Chuck

National Development: Fey Matamoros – Fey has been working very hard and had a great month. She has completely committed to swimming and she always keeps a positive attitude. She is hitting best times and is on pace to have a fantastic season. She also is a great teammate who encourages the group during tough sets. Keep up the great work! – Coach Jason


National Group: Matthew Connealy – Matthew had an awesome month of October in the pool. He has elevated his training in all aspects from kicking, pulling, technique, breath control, etc. He has been swimming faster on sets on a day to day basis. Matthew has also been stepping up his leadership role within the group as well. Making sure his teammates are doing what they should be doing and positively encouraging them. Keep up the awesome work on all fronts Matthew. – Coach Tim & Coach Robert