Nitro Swimmer of the Month for October 2014

Cedar Park

High School Training: Sampada Gokhale – Sampada has fantastic work ethic.  Her attendance and attitude are unmatched in the group, which is obvious when looking at her progress in the short time she’s been a part of Nitro’s HST.  What separates her from the rest of the crop is how hard she works even when coaches aren’t on top of her.  She is a very self-driven individual and great teammate to boot.  Be proud, Sampada! – Coach Alex

TAGS 2: Sarah Waters – Sarah has done a fantastic job since joining the TAGS 2 group, her effort in practice these past few months paid of well at this past weekend’s meet. She dropped a total of 57.35 seconds from all events when everything was totaled up. Very happy for this young lady as she works for everything she has accomplished so far. Look forward to her continuing her success all the way through this Short Course season. – Coach Flo

TAGS 1: Sydney Stoner – Sydney has done an amazing job this month!  First, she clearly has come to practice with purpose every single day.  She has put forth more mental effort than anyone else in the group towards her technique improvements, and towards her swimming habits (underwater kicks, not breathing in and out of walls, etc…).  She rarely does a set where she isn’t working on something extra, even without a coach asking her to work on it.  Most important though! She has come in everyday and swam better than she did the day before.  Her month capped off with an awesome UT meet where she saw 5 lifetime bests!  Even without those meet times, Sydney well deserves just based off practice! – Coach Elliott

Senior: Brandon Le – Brandon has been doing a fantastic this month of challenging himself in the water and also on land. Changing his head position in all four strokes and working diligently at coming to dryland on a regular basis have been steps in the right direction for him. Keep on pushing your self to even high expectations Brandon! – Coach Jeremy

National Development: Lauren Partridge – Lauren has been picking up her training and commitment everyday this month. She has been dedicated to improving her technique every practice by asking Coach Elliott, Coach Rasa, and Coach Robert to watch at least one thing every practice. Lauren has also been dedicated to dry-land and doing dry-land to the best of her abilities. Besides all this she swam away with 4 out 5 lifetime bests at the UT Fall Meet. It is awesome watching Lauren blossom into her own in this group since she has only been in it for 2.5 months. Keep up the great work and the constant eagerness to improve. – Coach Rob


Gold/Senior: Elise Tisdel – Elise has listened to all of our coaches to strive to be a technique correct swimmer in all her strokes. She realizes that swimming is important to her at an early age.  One of her goals is to become a swim coach. –Congratulations from the Burnet Coaches

Bee Cave

High School/Middle School Training: Kobe  Rogers. Kobe demonstrates his interest in swimming and his desire to get better every time he is in the water.   He is courteous to his coaches and respectful of his teammates.  While the group as a whole has continued to grow stronger, and I see many swimmers engaged and energized, I find Kobe really pushing himself in workout above and beyond that of his teammates.  The intensity and focus with which he approaches each opportunity to be in the water is infectious and I see him standing out as an early leader in the group.  Keep up the great work Kobe! Coach Jeff

TAGS 2: Teresa Luo – Teresa has been a leader at practice everyday.  She comes in everyday with a great attitude and is always ready to work hard even if some of our sets seem a little crazy, which is when she gives me a strange look but then goes right back to smiling.  No matter what we are doing, I can expect Teresa to be out front leading and doing all the small details correctly.  She is really setting herself up for some great swimming. – Coach Scott

TAGS 1: The Whole Group – The TAGS 1 Group had an amazing month!  It was so amazing that the WHOLE GROUP should be recognized for what they have accomplished!  They have been working extremely hard and it sure paid off at the TXLA Unclassified Meet.  This meet featured so many best times and awesome racing! The group is working hard towards their goals and is highly motivated.  Attendance for this group has been off the charts! Keep up the great work and let’s make November an even better month! – Coach Jason

Senior: Trevor Oldham – Trevor has always possessed a fantastic work ethic in the pool. He has really elevated his training in the pool this past month, he has also become one of our rising leaders in the group. To cap off the great month, he had several stellar swims at UT. Trevor just barely missed his first 50 FR sectional cut in his first meet of the season. Keep up the great work Trevor! – Coach Adrian

National Development: Matt Hammond – Matt had a great month of training and a terrific meet at the TXLA Unclassified Meet.  Matt had two big milestone swims in the career of a swimmer at this meet.  The first was going 1:48.65 in the 200 freestyle and crushing the 1:50 barrier!  The second was going 59.55 in the 100 backstroke and cracking the 1:00 barrier! Matt has shown his dedication to improving each day and I am excited to see his progress throughout the rest of the season.  Keep working hard and congratulations on a great month. – Coach Jason


National Group: Lillian Benwell – Lillian has taken her training to another level this month in all aspects. She has been finding a way to finish sets tougher and faster then in the past. Not only that, Lillian has been committed to her technique more and more making herself better in that aspect as well. She also has been more of a vocal leader and leading by example. Too top of her month, she went to the UT Fall Meet and picked up 2 lifetime bests and her other events were right at her best times. She was aggressive early in her races and finished her races extremely well. It is great to watch her drive and passion grow more everyday. – Coach Rob