Nitro Swimmer of the Month for November 2013

Cedar Park

High School Training:McKenzie Sumner– McKenzie has been very impressive in November.  She established a positive outlook this month and stepped up her training immensely.  She has been dropping great amounts of time, most notably in her 500 (an event we both keep close to our hearts).  It’s always exciting to see a swimmer get fired up with their training.  Keep it up, McKenzie! – Coach Alex

TAGS 2: Caitlin Murphy– If you need someone who will do whatever it takes to complete a set Caitlin is the person for that. She is not satisfied until she has completed any given task as specified. It is a great trait to have because her inner drive to push herself harder will lead to great success in the future. Caitlin hard work has also lead her to be recently selected to the Texas All-Star Camp.

TAGS 1: Michael Shay– During the month he raced great and currently has 8 events in the top 20 nationally, including a least 1 event in every stroke.

Senior:Ben Lubinin– Ben has been trying a number of new events that aren’t easy, including the 1650 (mile) and the 1000 free at meets. But what set him apart this month were his actions at the UT meet in early November. After swimming the 500 free, he got out of the pool and noticed a Nitro swimmer in the next heat who did not have a counter. Still breathing hard, Ben asked me if he could count for that swimmer. Ben stayed a little longer at the pool that night but I appreciated his willingness to help a teammate out. Great job Ben! – Coach Kristyn

National Development:Sutton Marvin– Sutton Marvin had an awesome month of November. She took some big steps forward in her swimming. She stepped up her training level even though it was our toughest month of training so far and she focused more on her technique. She was able to achieve five lifetime bests times out of seven races at our November meet, the UT Unclassified Meet. Along with these in the pool achievements she has stepped up her leadership role at practices. She has been proactive in keeping her teammates quiet when a coach is trying to explain something to the group and she has increased her cheering for teammates during tough practices. All of this is helping Sutton and her teammates improve in and out of the water. Great job! – Coach Robert

Bee Cave

Middle & High School Training: Alyssa Curry– Alyssa has shown great leadership over the last couple of months. She is the fist one in the water with no questions asked. She is always asking questions to get better and fixes the things that are coaches tell her to fix. Whatever her coaches tell  her to do she does it.  She will also help others understand the set when they do not and will also ask a different way to explain the set so that she can understand it better. Keep up the great work. – Coach Nikki

TAGS: Jackson Rabb– Jackson continues to impress me with his effort every day and improvement at meets.  It is easy to tell when Jackson has been working hard by the red tint to his skin.  Jackson’s hard work has been paying off providing smiles from ear to ear after all of his races. – Coach Scott

Senior:Gus Kendrick– Gus has really stepped up his training this entire crucial month with Christmas training right around the corner. With our intense work load Gus has managed to pull off multiple drops in all of his events. The most recent being his 500 FR in San Antonio, in which he just missed his ‘A’ time by less than two seconds. After that race you could just see the determination to attain that cut. Keep up the great work Gus, Coach Chuck and I are very proud of you. – Coach Adrian

National Development: Matt Hammond– Matt is doing a great job of training day in and day out. He has even stepped up and done some hefty distance sets with the National group.  Matt also had some impressive swims at the UT meet, but most importantly we are seeing improvement in his underwaters! – Coach Scott


National Group Swimmer of Month for November: Karling Hemstreet– Karling Hemstreet is our Nitro NG swimmer of the month and what a month it was for Karli! Not only is Karli consistently one of the hardest workers in the group both in the pool and through her extensive strength and conditioning work, but Karli also had 2 awesome meets in November. At the UT meet she set a team record in the 1650 and won three events. Then Karli went to Toronto to compete in the Canada Cup again Canada’s top swimmers and there Karli placed 5th in the A final of the 400 SCM free and made a B final in the 200 SCM back! Great month Karli and way to set up a great Junior Nationals in December…build off that fantastic November! – Coach Tim