Nitro Swimmer of the Month for May 2015

Cedar Park

High School Training: Shea Li Dombrowski – Shea Li is one tough athlete.  She definitely works hard, but what sets her apart from her teammates is that she’s always taking ownership of her technique.  Shea Li will immediately and consistently make corrections to what she’s doing in the water.  There’s never a time that she is just trying to get the set done – she’s always trying to get herself better.  Keep up the awesome training, Shea Li! – Coach Alex

TAGS 2: Shreyush Shankar – Shrey has had an amazing month of training, he still has some daily habits that need to improve but he has pushed the envelope on what he can do aerobically to a whole other level. This was proven by him swimming AAA time in the 800 Free and very close to AAA time in the 400 IM. Congratulations Shrey you have stepped up, let’s keep working the small stuff and see what happens this season. – Coach Flo

TAGS 1: Greg Raper – Greg had an awesome May.  His attendance, work ethic, and attention to detail really has helped improve in all 4 strokes.  Greg has not always been the strongest IM swimmer, but slowly this spring every stroke has began to click.   He’s worked very hard not just in May, but months before now to make those changes.  His efforts, led him to achieving some tags cuts in the IM’s at the UT ESOS meet! – Coach Elliott

Senior: Brian Lee – Brian has stepped up in the last few months with his training and has seen big improvement in his races because of it. He achieved his first AAA time in the 100 Free and multiple AA times at the meet at UT. Way to go Brian!! Keep working hard!! – Coach Jeremy

National Development: Summer Fullwood – Summer had a great May.  Summer already comes in and works hard everyday, but this past month she also made an effort to work on her weakness ever day.  Improving her pulling and arm strength led her to a great UT ESOS meet.  She achieved numerous Sectionals cuts, and a lot of that was because she really was committed to making her weakness into her strengths every day at practice. – Coach Elliott

Bee Cave

Middle & High School Training: Max Hodsden – I’ve had the pleasure of working with the HS/MS Training Group for the past several Saturdays. Across the board, truly a joy to work with every one of them. They have improved so much each week, but their great attitudes are inspiring. One who has stood out, though, is Max Hodsden. Always smiling, willing to make any and all corrections, and an extremely hard worker. This is a fun group to coach, and it is because of kids like Max. Coach Mike.

TAGS 2: John Fontenot – John has been training very well and has done a great job of making changes to his stroke and applying them in practice and that has showed in our meets.  John had a breakthrough meet at the TXLA End of School Splash— 4 out of his 6 swims were TAGS cuts!  At our Distance meet last weekend he struggled in his first two events and wasn’t too confident going into his first ever 800.  He was able to bounce back and had a great swim.  Great job John, keep it up! – Coach Scott

TAGS 1: Grant Barney – Grant had a great month of training.  He has really taken to distance swimming and has taken his training to a new level. On Memorial Day, Grant completed 24×200 freestyle long course meters on 2:40! At our distance meet Grant swam his first 800 and went 9:49! Congratulations on an awesome month. – Coach Jason

Senior: Hadley McCormick – Hadley has been making some huge strides in her training. Her constant focus on her underwaters, kick and technique are some of the many things Hadley has been focusing on during practice. More importantly, it has been a joy to see her confidence grow at every meet. This past weekend at the Nitro Distance meet she crushed the 800 FR, just missing the A time. Keep up the great work. – Coach Adrian

National Development: Matt Hammond – Matt continues to step up his training each week. Over the past month he has made huge improvements to both his breaststroke and his backstroke. He is very committed and is setting himself up for a great summer. Keep up the great work! – Coach Jason

National Group: Regan Barney & Isaac Gwin – Regan and Isaac are the co-swimmers of the month for NG. They both have had an awesome month with their training and meet performances. Regan went to the Charlotte Pro Swim Series Meet and achieved several lifetime bests plus a couple of team records for 15-16 girls. She then followed up that meet with the Senior Circuit #1 Meet last weekend where she achieved more best times. Isaac has been very determined this month and picking up his training more and more as the month went on. He capped off his best month of training by achieving his first ever summer junior national cut last weekend in the 100 back. Congrats to him and know he can breathe a little easier and focus on more junior national cuts. Well done Regan and Isaac, we look forward to what the rest of the summer has in store for you. – Coach Tim & Coach Rob