Nitro Swimmer of the Month for March 2016:

Cedar Park

High School Training: Darren Nguyen – Darren has earned the swimmer of the month for March through his consistent effort and work ethic at practice. Not just once or twice, but multiple times I see him working hard. Each practice, each set, each lap! I see Darren giving 100% in the pool and it makes me smile. To see a young individual push themselves as Darren does makes a coaches heart happy and their job more enjoyable. Awesome work this month Darren, keep up the effort and continue to be consistent day in and day out as you battle through the pain and hurt taking place in the water! – Coach Ben 

TAGS 2: *Coach Travis will be sending out a special note.

TAGS 1: Jess Yeager – Jess gets this month nod for Swimmer of the Month and not necessarily for the reasons many think, yes she achieved her first her Junior National cuts (200 Breast & 200 IM) plus three bonus cuts (100 Breast, 200 Back & 400 IM), those are reasons enough but the reasons Jess is the TAGS 1 swimmer of the month is because of her resilience through out this season and over all positivity, she had been struggling all season long with a hip injury and she doubted for a little while that she would recover in time but around January when she really started swimming meets again, she realized she is getting stronger. She preserved through it all and destroyed all the goals she had set for herself at the beginning of the season. Very proud of her and look forward to what this young lady has in store for us all this summer. – Coach Flo

Sectional Development: Trey Jackson – Trey has done a great job this month, coming to practice, leading the group, and CRUSHING it at practice. I am very impressed with his attention to details and willingness to learn and change his strokes for the better. Keep up the great work! – Coach Jeremy

National Development: Michael Shay – Michael showed a lot of mental toughness this month.  Coming off of sectionals, that didn’t go how he expected, he stayed the course and busted out some really good swims and lifetime bests at American Short Course.  He also did a great job engaging in our conversations on stroke/race adjustments during and in between the meets. – Coach Elliott

Bee Cave

Middle & High School Training: Evie Linton – Evie recently returned to Texas after some time in Louisiana, and we are glad she is back! I had the privilege of evaluating her over the winter break and was immediately impressed with her strokes. After giving her and her mother a few options, I was thrilled that they chose my group! Transferring to a new swim team, not to mention a new high school, in the middle of the school year can be a pretty intimidating venture, and Evie admitted to me she was a bit nervous. Now, it’s like she has been here all along. Middle & High School Training is a close knit group, and they welcomed her with open arms. Her great work ethic and the friendships she’s formed make her a perfect addition to our team. Great work, Evie! –Coach Peter

TAGS 2: Lindsay Kayser – At the beginning of the SC season Lindsay was dealing with rehabbing her shoulder and body. I am proud of her patience and maturity, as her training starting to build up more and more. She took her time and it paid off. By the beginning of March she was ready to go race at TAGS, and that’s exactly what she did. She raced her face off, and even ended up winning TAGS in her 50 Back. Lindsay is one of those people everyone is naturally drawn to, as she is one of the kindest and most caring individuals on the team. Keep being you Lindz! – Coach Allison

TAGS 1: Quinn Mauck – Quinn has shown great commitment for March.  Quinn has stepped up and participated in most morning practices.  He has raised his level of training with the long course season upon us.  He swam all the events with best times at our IMX meet.  Quinn is one of our youngest swimmers in the group, but has shown great maturity in owning his training and performances.  Quinn always completes his work and goes above and beyond in his behaviors as a team mate.  I look forward to watching Quinn continue his progress in the 13-14 age group. – Coach Randy

Senior: Michaela Judis – I have been watching this young lady go from someone so comfortable swimming behind a faster swimmer to become that faster swimmer, and no one I’ve ever coached has done it with more style and class! Always respectful of the other swimmers in her lane she has slowly moved to the front of her lane, using her kick, she has really developed a superior body line and an aggressive shoulder driven freestyle, the kind that helps her to swim the long events! Such a great month for this young lady I can’t wait to move into the long course pool to really see how she does. Great job young lady! – Coach Chuck

National Development: Ethan Hammond – Ethan did a great job this past month. While between seasons, he has been focusing on stroke technique and kicking. He is now looking forward to a strong long course season. Stay motivated and keep working hard. – Coach Jason

NATIONAL GROUP: For their resilience, perseverance, leadership and commitment.  Thank you. Taylor Abbott, Will Barton, Sarah Cano, Ashlyn Carroll, Matt Connealy, Jade Federlin, Simon Frank, Ryan Geheb, Emma Gogulski, Sean Grieshop, Lindsay Grogan, Giovanni Lozano, Isaac Gwin, Luke Gwin, Garrett Hailes, Matt Hammond, Karling Hemstreet, Haley Herzberg, Sutton Marvin, Payton Marvin, Chris Mayer, Zak Mickelson, Tanja Milanovic, Nick Milikich, Maria Gamez, Harrison Olle, Emilie Parks, Lauren Partridge, Simon Pheasant, Corban Rawls, Jacob Rosenketter, Micah Slaton, Liam Tan, Brittany Thompson, Mary Traylor, Alvena Walpole & Chris Yeager. Coaches Elliott, Isaac, Paul, Hans, and Garrett.