Nitro Swimmer of the Month for February 2014

Cedar Park

High School Training: Cypher Miller – Cypher is a great young man to have in practice.  He has grown significantly with his technical skills in the water as well as his understanding of fluid dynamics and water resistance and how specific trends impact his strokes.  It’s no doubt that Cy will always work hard to not only achieve what his coaches expect of him, but he is also internally driven to make sure he isn’t taking any shortcuts.  We are consistently impressed with Cy’s athletic professionalism.  Keep it up, Cy! – Coach Alex

TAGS 2: Anna Kate Benwell – Anna Kate has done an amazing job so far this season continuing to improve on her best event, the 200 Breaststroke. However she keeps striving for more, always working on improving all of her strokes so that she improve her IM’s and especially her Butterfly, which she has made the most amount of improvement in recent months. Congrats Anna Kate keep working hard, looking forward to a successful TAGS weekend. – Coach Flo

Senior: Hannah Palacios – Hannah has put together a great end of season, capping it off with a high school state championship. She was also a part of a state winning 200 medley relay! Congratulations Hannah and we look forward to much more. – Coach Kristyn

Bee Cave

High School & Middle School Training: Qasim Aziz – Qasim has really stepped it up this month. He has been working really hard and it is paying off. He has really focused on his strokes and also become a leader in the group. Good job this month Qasim. – Coach Meghan

TAGS: Julia York – Julia has had a great season and keeps improving at every meet.  Julia is always smiling in practice even during the toughest sets and is one of our hardest workers.  Julia spent a period of time just missing out on A times, but once she broke that barrier it has been nothing but constant improvement.  Julia got her first TAGS cut at STAGS, and the best part about it was her doing it during a time trial on the last day!  Great job Julia and keep up the hard work! – Coach Scott

Senior: Tristan Cole, Jessie Edmundson & Andrew Lee – These three individuals have been working very hard this past month. I have seen Tristan grow in confidence the past couple months. His meet performances have definitely reflected his training in the pool. To cap off the month he had a fantastic meet in San Antonio at the Alamo Cup. Tristan has been a strong leader in the group for quite some time now. Many of the swimmers look up to him as a leader and he brings a great energy to the group. Andrew is the definition of an iron man. No matter what I throw at him, he welcomes the challenge. His work ethic is as good as anyone in the group. I have seen Andrew’s confidence grow week in and week out. With all the training he is doing, he is due for a break out performance in our upcoming long course season. Jessie has really stepped it up this month in a big way. She had a great meet down in San Antonio at the Alamo Cup. Jessie’s confidence is surely showing in her training in the pool. She has risen to all the challenges that I have thrown her way, even our tough IM and fly sets. Can’t wait to see what these three individuals do during long course. Keep up the great work, Coach Chuck and I are very proud of you. – Coach Adrian

National Development: Lauren Quincy – Lauren has been battling injuries all season, but was still able to get through and had some great swims this month at STAGS.  Lauren got her TAGS cut in the 200 Back and just missed in her 100 and 200 Fly but still went best times.  Lauren is maturing with her racing and it has shown.  Great job Lauren! – Coach Scott


National Group: Sean Grieshop  Sean had an amazing month culminating in his performance at the US Southern Zone Sectional Championships at Texas A&M where he finished in the Top 5 in high point as well as set LSC records in the 200 and 400 im. A few of Sean’s other swims including the 200, 500, and 1000 free are now ranked in the top 20 times in his age group in our sports history! Needless to say great meet for Sean ( and we have not even mentioned some gritty and tough relay swims as well ) but there is more to him winning the SOM for this month. Sean not only works hard, challenges and makes his teammates better, but he brings an unabashedly positive and infectious attitude to the pool EVERY single day and he helps to create the inspirational culture we are looking for, for all our Nitro swimmers! Sean leads by example and has made our team better on many levels so way to go Sean and now the focus shifts to LCM! – Coach Tim