Nitro Swimmer of the Month for December 2013

Cedar Park

High School Training: Helen Xu – Helen has been training very aggressively.  She has been leading lanes in nearly every workout and is among the last alive in knockout sets.  It’s not just that Helen is fast—it’s that she always gets out of her comfort zone and challenges herself in the water. – Coach Alex

TAGS 2: Jack Grieshop – Jack has had one of those months of training where you look back and go WOW! It started with a very good COR meet (at Bee Cave) achieving some TAGS cuts that he had not gotten to yet. Then went right into the Holiday Training which we are half way through at this point, Jack has just taken ownership of some very difficult sets and nothing can stop him when he gets in the Zone. It is very encouraging to see him train to a very high level and look forward to what the rest of this season has in store for this young man! – Coach Flo

TAGS 1: Rae Lynn Friesz – Rae has really changed her training habits this month and is training and competing much better in practice. Rae has stepped up her training even more last week for Christmas Training. – Coach Greg

Senior: Lauren Partridge – Lauren has done a fantastic job this fall of balancing both volleyball and swimming. She’s been able to show her commitment to both sports which can be a real challenge. Lauren has achieved some great time drops over the last month, swimming very well at the COR replacement meet. I’m very happy with her improvements and hope to see it continue! Great job Lauren! – Coach Kristyn

National Development: Christian Carroll –  Christian has quietly been working very hard all year and it paid off at the Nitro Miracle Meet where he made his 1st ever NCSA Junior National cut in the 200 Back. He has been a constant lead by example for the CP ND group in the water and out of the water. Due to his efforts in practices and at the meet with accomplishing the NCSA Junior cut, he has been promoted to the National Group. He has made the transition nicely and doing so during Winter Break Training which is the toughest training of the year. Great Job, keep up the high effort level! – Coach Robert

Bee Cave

High School & Middle School Training: Sabina Federlin – Sabina has done a great job being a leader in our group. She has a great attitude towards swimming and gives 100% at every practice. There have even been times she asks to change an interval to challenge herself to improve. She has really set the bar high for her group. Keep up the great work Sabina. – Coach Nikki

TAGS: Josh Bannon, Brian Li,  and Julia York- Josh, Brian, and Julia all have been working very hard all season. They always have smiles on their faces even in the midst of tough sets and helps to keep a positive vibe among the group. Great things will be coming their way as they continue down the road. Keep up the hard work. – Coach Scott

Senior: Michael Smith – Michael is having an outstanding month. He always arrives early to practice with his game face on. He not only pushed himself to a new level but he has brought his teammates along with him. Michael has been working very hard through this tough month and it is surely paying off.  He never misses a yard to go to the bathroom or to self-rest. Michael has shown great strides in his training and mechanics. Coach Chuck and I are very excited for your progress. Michael has emerged as one of our leaders in the senior group. Keep up the great work Michael; great things are in store for you this championship season. See you at the pool. – Coach Adrian

National Development: Ali Andros – Ali is a hard worker on a daily basis.  She has made some changes in her training and continues to lead the group.  Ali had a standout swim at our COR Replacement meet in her 200 backstroke.  Ali wasn’t satisfied with her first few swims, but rather than let those get her down and affect the rest of the swims, she stepped up and swam a personal best time by 2 seconds!  Keep up the great work Ali. – Coach Scott


National Group Swimmer(s) of December:Taylor Abbott, Josh Artmann, Sean Grieshop, Tate Jackson, Mason Tenney, Zach Thomas, Seth Timmons, and Gus Whiteman – These 8 boys combined to take 8th place at the USA Junior National Championships in Greensboro NC. This was Nitro’s second highest finish ever and with this being such a young group…the future is very bright! On top of that these 8 swimmers also set 3 South Texas Swimming records and broke 14 Nitro team records ( 11 individual and 3 relay )! There are also numerous top 10 national age group rankings…too lengthy to mention here. Great job boys and keep leading us towards that team podium! – Coach Tim