Nitro Swimmer of the Month for April 2014

Cedar Park

High School Training: James McCurley – James’ fuse is just starting to ignite his rocket.  He is always a hard worker in practice and has one of the best attitudes from any athlete we coaches have seen.  James’ hard work is starting to really pay off, including all (much faster) best times at the AQTX meet this past Saturday!  He had an absolutely stunning meet.  James’ future looks very bright as both a swimmer and an upstanding young man. – Coach Alex

TAGS 2: Karen Yin – Karen has been a very consistent trainer her entire time in TAGS 2 but she has recently really picked it up and found even more motivation to succeed. She achieved one TAGS cut during Short Course Season, and now she is hungry for more, and she is working hard on all areas of her strokes to achieve more. Looking forward to her success this season. – Coach Flo

TAGS 1: Coming in next note.

Senior: Lauren Jones – Lauren is the most consistent swimmer in our Senior group working hard every day and accepting challenges like doing 200 Fly in the middle of practice for time. She always smiling and making the swimmers around her smile. Keep up the hard work Lauren!!! – Coach Bob

National Development: Tanja Milanovic  Tanja moved to the ND group this month and since day one with ND has worked every practice like it was her last. She gets in and works everything like the workout is designed with no complaining. She has a smile on her face all the time and just enjoys to work hard. A fantastic addition to the ND group and don’t change your positive attitude and work ethic. – Coach Robert

Bee Cave

Middle School & High School Training: Katie Roach – Katie has done such a great job this month. She always comes to practice with a good attitude and is ready to work hard.  I love home much effort she puts into her practices especially the kicking sets! Great job this month Katie! Keep working hard! – Coach Meghan

TAGS: Connor Jones – Connor had a breakout meet in April and made it clear that he can race.  Every event he swam was full of heart and effort.  We don’t really focus on times at early season meets; instead, our main objective is executing race strategy. Connor did just that and it was impressive.  Great job Connor keep it up! – Coach Scott

Senior: Markus Egger – Markus has been working his tail off with his recent arrival to Senior. He has been stepping up as one of our premier distance freestylers in the group. Markus really takes control of the pacing during our grueling distance free sets. All of his hard work in practice has really shown in his recent meet performance. Keep up the great work! – Coach Adrian

National Development: Matt Hammond and Gus Kendrick . On one of our test sets, the options were some 150’s and a 300/400 or 1000’s. These two athletes stepped up and opted for the 5 x 1000’s. Definitely a good sign, and will no doubt serve them well down the road. Well done gentlemen!

National Group: Maddie Ibrahim – Maddie joined Nitro and the National Group at the beginning of April. Maddie from her first practice put her foot on the gas pedal and hasn’t let off. She comes in every practice and gives it her all and doesn’t want to stop. Coaches will try to stop her and give her pointers and she just wants to keep going. This is great to see somebody come in and just want to train and not miss any of the practice. Any pointers given to her she does a really nice job of applying the pointers. Maddie has been a great addition to NG and we hope she doesn’t let off the gas pedal. – Coach Robert