Nitro Swimmer of the Month for October 2017

Cedar Park

Senior: Isabella Kerstetter 
Isabella has had an awesome month of October! She has been a great leader in the senior group who sets a great example for her teammates. Day in and day out she always gives her best effort. I can see that she truly cares about progressing forward toward her goals. Her focus rubs off on the others around her which is wonderful. The sky is the limit for Isabella and I cant wait to see what this season holds for her. —Coach Daeton


Sectional Development: Justin Milushev, Alex Foote, Shih En Lin, & Harsh Sundararaman

I had to pick all four of these boys this past month because of the excellent job they have been doing at workouts and the awesome improvements they made at the past meets. I also picked all four of them because they are kind of an inseparable group of friends so I thought it was fitting to pick them all at once. All four boys have been swimming with me for at least one past season and their hard work over their time with me really paid off as all four of them had great breakout swims this month at the TXLA meet. They were all making time drops like crazy! They’re a fun group of guys to watch at workout too because of their friendship and the way they push each other, I thoroughly believe they make each other better every day. Keep it up gentlemen! —Coach Dan


TAGS 2: Ruth Waiwaiole

Ruth has set the standard for hard work and commitment this season. She has made the effort to show up early to practice to spend extra time improving her ankle flexibility with range of motion drills. The extra work is beginning to pay huge dividends in both her practice and meet performance. We are looking forward to seeing her continue to improve this season. Great Job Ruth and Go Nitro!  —Coach Daniel



 —Coach Flo


National Development: MacKenzie Stewart

MacKenzie has continued to make changes in and out of the water! Her adjustments to the mental preparation for swim meets as well as pushing through some of the tougher sets and dryland practices has been very encouraging! Keep pushing hard and working towards your goals Mack!  —Coach Jeremy





Bee Cave


HS/MS Training: Justine Van Doorn

Justine has been on fire during practice this past month! I recently moved her to the “Apple” group, who are on a slightly faster interval. She was reluctant to be in a different lane than her friends (still is), but time and again she has shown me I made the right call putting her with the Apples. Whether it’s technique work or speed work, I can always count on Justine to give me 100% effort. I can’t wait to see her continue this upward trend. Keep it up, Justine! —Coach Peter


Senior: Sofia Vargas

Sofia has been doing a great job of working on the longer races, it is so very hard to make the change from the young age grouper who loves to swim 50s and become a seasoned swimmer that regularly swims 200s and longer. I recommend to my swimmers that on Friday at a meet swim the 200 IM and the 50 free or the 50 free and the 500 free, but Sofia goes for the 200 IM and the 500 free, on one hand she tells me how much she loves swimming 50s but every time she swims the longer events I see huge breakthroughs! Her 400 IM at the AAAA meet was a perfect example, she was nervous, didn’t want to swim it but swam the fly in 1:08, then negative split the back, even split the breast, and came home almost as fast as she went out on the fly for a 5:11! I ask her now why were you so scared about swimming the 400 IM again? She finished off the meet by swimming her first mile, which for most swimmers is a whole new race, but she dialed in her pas with ease and broke 20 minutes first time! Now I hope that I can keep her trying these longer races because she is very good at it. Great Job Young Lady! —Coach Chuck


TAGS 2: Julia Carter
When thinking about Swimmer of the Month, I thought…whose smile would light up a room if they knew they earned it. The first person to pop into my mind was Julia. Julia, you are such a great part of the group, and your determination and love of the sport shines through. I can genuinely tell you want to get better everyday. You are focused and simply love being in the water. This season will be one for the books for you! You are destined for greatness—keep that huge smile on your face and enjoying jumping into a cold pool every day :-). —Coach Allison


TAGS 1: Natalie Klaas

And the Swimmer of the Month goes to Natalie Klaas! Natalie is a real hard worker, no doubt about it. She knows how to identify the perfect moment to give her very best, she’s the type of swimmer that jumps in the water at 5:30am next day after a long weekend of swims during a meet. Perseverance is one of the good things that sports teach, a quality that will guide you through life in everything yo do my young friend. Keep up the good work and have fun with the process. Be the best you can be in everything you do! FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!! SI SI SI!!! —Coach Felix


National Development: Quinn Mauck

Quinn Mauck, 14, has had an excellent October of swimming. Several new best times early season. He is always the first on deck in early AM to help with covers.  He has excellent attendance and continues growing.  Quinn is a Freshman at Veritas Academy, and will be competing for their Varsity team as well.

I look forward to seeing his commitment pay off this short course season. 

Keep it up Quinnster! —Coach Randy


National: Kevin Hammer

NG SOM at Bee Cave is Kevin Hammer, 16.  Kevin recently qualified for the USA Swimming Winter Jr. Nationals in the 50 Free, swimming a blazing 20.83. Kevin brings a hard working and fun spirit to practice every day. He has put in an excellent month of October training.  Kevin is a Junior at Vandergrift High School.  We know he is prepared to do big things this Short Course season and we are excited to watch and be there for his success! Keep it up Hammertime! —Coach Isaac and Coach Randy