Nitro Swimmer of the Month for June 2017

Cedar Park

Sectional Development: Coach Dan will send out a separate email to the group.


Senior:  Coach Dan will send out a separate email to the group.


TAGS 2: Luka Herceg

Luka is one of the younger athletes in our group but continues to lead the way in attitude and effort. In the past month, he has made the decision to expand his event selection and challenge himself with some of the longer events like the 400M FR and 1500M FR. Each time, he has earned himself an “A” or better time standard and I have no doubt that his time will continue to improve with additional swims. Luka can also be found on the pool deck cheering for his teammates and even helping other coaches at practice though in water demonstrations. More than just fast swimming, I love his fearless attitude to try new things… No fear, No limits. Great job Luka! Keep up the good work. —Coach Daniel


TAGS 1: Bella Gamez and Kelly Digby

Bella and Kelly had a phenomenal June training wise and competition wise. They started the month of attending the A&M Swim Camp, came home very fired up and ready to tear it up in practice. Both achieved their first individual TAGS and Sectional cuts this past weekend, Kelly in the 200 Breast and Bella in the 100 Breast. Very proud of both of these young ladies. —Coach Flo


National Development: Trey Jackson  Trey has been making big strides in his habits at practice and it has paid off big time this summer. He now has his first Sectional cut with multiple bonus cuts and we haven’t even hit championship season yet! Keep working hard and enjoying the process! —Coach Jeremy


Bee Cave

HS/MS Training: Isabella Carballo

We definitely have some characters in this group, and it’s always an entertaining practice with Isabella (in a good way). She always comes to practice with with an upbeat and positive attitude, and she is not shy about giving and taking the ribbing that gets doled out in the group (and occasionally to me). The group of girls she normally swims with occasionally complain about the harder sets we do, but Coach Raven tells me that not only does Isabella take them in stride, but she crushes them. It seems like we’ve got a leader in the making in Isabella. I’m not sure if that’s what she planned, but it doesn’t seem like she has a choice at this point. Because this group is more on the recreational side rather than the competitive side, I love finding swimmers that don’t have a ton of swimming experience but have a real knack for it. Isabella is one of those swimmers with some really great potential. Great job, Isabella! —Coach Peter


Senior: Kiara Bobb – This past few weeks Kiara has done a really great job of challenging herself and stepping outside of the box. Working on things that are uncomfortable like up tempo during longer sets, coming out of a hard fast set and then being asked to do a timed swim, all the things to work every energy system in the body Kiara has done so well. the confidence is on the rise and in her last 400 she went out almost in her best 100 swim and came home in what I believe is her new racing stroke! The secret to getting better is to just push through and not think about it but there go back to working on form with drills and kicking, Kiara has been jumping back and forth so much the tall stroke is now becoming the tall fast stroke! Great Job young lady!  —Coach Chuck


TAGS 2: Norah Cullicott

Wow. I am so humbled to be Norah’s coach. She pays attention to detail like no other swimmer I have ever worked with, but what stands out to me this past month. Through swim meets and Kick/Run/Swim/Run she showed her personality and her kindness towards her team mates. Her kind heart shows through all of her cheering and encouraging no matter the situation. No matter how tired she is, she is the first person to say “Goooo!!” or shake/high five a team mate. I am so proud to be your coach, not only in the water, but what I am witnessing day in and day out, you rock! —Coach Allison


TAGS 1: Lindsay Kayser

And the “Swimmer of the Month” for the June goes to, Lindsay Kayser. A real hard worker, extremely dedicated, and always with a smile on her face. Always in every practice, in every dry land, mornings and afternoons. Lindsay has been putting in practice the “ALWAYS BELIEVE” advice from Coach Felix. I’m extremely proud of you Lindsay. You’re starting to see and experiencing that hard work always pays off, nothing has been in vane and this long course season would be the one. A two solid TAGS and Sectionals cuts on the 100 and 200 Backstroke. Remember, there’s NO LIMITS, just BELIEVE and enjoy the ride. Keep it up Lindsay, good job! FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!! SI SI SI!!!! —Coach Felix


National Development: Joshua Dowdy

Josh specializes in Fly and Back.  He is driving up from San Antonio daily, camping at Nitro and around town to make nearly every practice since he has started with Nitro in the early spring.  Josh works hard every dry land and practice session.  He carries a positive attitude and great focus.  I look forward to seeing his dedication pay off.  Keep it up Josh.  We are proud you’ve chosen Nitro! —Coach Randy


National Group: Emilie Parks

Emilie Parks has been working incredibly hard all spring.  It didn’t matter what set she was given.  From running, dryland, sprint sets, kick sets, and distance sets; she has always pushed herself to the max.  Better yet, it’s been hard to know when she’s had a bad day because she never brings it to the pool and she doesn’t complain.  This led to a number of time drops this month without a lot of rest!  Great work! —Coach Elliot