Nitro Swimmer of the Month for January 2017, 2017

Cedar Park

Sectional Development: Maddie Nguyen

Maddie has really come into her own in the SD group in the last month, getting after workouts and meets with some serious vigor. A few weeks into the month of January we did a difficult set of 50s sprint from the blocks and I asked the swimmers to shoot for best times, Maddie got up on her first 50 free and BOOM-best time! Maddie gives workout her best effort everyday, proving it with swims like that 50 in workout. She would go on to the TXLA New Years Classic the next weekend and improve on that 50 freestyle time in a more official capacity! Workouts or Meets, Maddie has been working her butt off this month of January! —Coach Dan

Senior: Jonathan Postelnik

Jonathan is the Senior swimmer of the month for the month of January because of his dedication to being a better swimmer everyday. Jonathan has been working to improve his flexibility with his ankles so as to make his kick stronger and in doing has been given some odd tasks in the pool. I ask Jonathan to wear a single fin when his teammates get both and he does it with a smile and excitement at the prospect of becoming a better swimmer! Jonathan also decided to tackle the 500 free for the first time at the Nitro meet at Bee Cave in the beginning of January, not only was he super excited for it but he attacked that 500 like a champion! Jonathan’s love of the sport is very clear and I look forward to where that live will take him. —Coach Dan


TAGS 2: Luka Herceg

At his most recent meet, Luka triumphed when he was presented with a character building opportunity. An athlete’s  goggles (from another team) broke just before the start of a race and although Luka had never met the swimmer, he realized the swimmer was in need and offered up his own goggles! This was a proud moment for me as a coach – to see our athlete show great sportsmanship and character moments before setting a new personal best in his own race. Way to go Nitro!  —Coach Daniel


TAGS 1: Bryce Flynn

Bryce had a fantastic Holiday Training session that lead to some real success in the pool, crushing the COPS Greater Southwest walking away with 6 new TAGS cuts in one meet. All this for a swimmer who achieved his first ever TAGS cut in December this year. Very proud of what he has accomplished with his commitment to this sport. Congrats Bryce, keep up the effort and good luck with the rest of this season. —Coach Flo


National Development: Blake Ellinor

Blake has been with us for two months now and has done nothing short of working hard. He is a great teammate and a great leader. At the COPS meet a couple weekend ago he missed two of his Sectional cuts by a couple seconds in both the 100 and 200. He stayed focused and determined and made some small adjustments in practice and got both cuts at the UT meet the following weekend.  Way to go Blake! Keep up the great attitude and work ethic! —Coach Jeremy


Bee Cave

HS/MS Training: Ethan Gauntt

This SOM has really been long overdue for Ethan. He’s been training with me for well over a year now, and he’s come such a long way. Ethan’s attentive, focused, and flat out just wants to get better at swimming. He’s one of the leaders of the group and deservedly so. Ethan has big goals to reach over the next several months, and I’m determined to help him reach those goals. Thanks for being a role model for the group, Ethan! —Coach Peter


Senior: Madison Eppard

Sometimes when you’re struggling you have to work on the small things, keep it simple, what needs to get stronger, and focus on one thing every night. It is a simple formula, you need a stronger kick, work your legs bigger and harder on kick sets, but don’t forget when you do drills work the legs a bit harder as well. Madison has been the most consistent working her dry land, always early to the deck, and keeps the intensity from dry land to the pool warm up, she does a great job transitioning into the main set and has learned that the completion of the set goes faster when you keep a narrow focus, turn approach with a strong deep push off, quick kick and out to the fruit loops. Shorten the pool every chance you get! Great Job Young lady! —Coach Chuck


TAGS 2: Madeleine Dunn

I couldn’t overlook the effort and determination of Madeleine the past month. Madeleline spent the past 5 months in Angers, France working with new coaches and team mates, that spoke very little English! She came back ready for the challenge that TAGS 2 had/has to offer it, and has done a great job of stepping into that level! I was even more impressed with the presentation she put together for all of her teammates about her experiences in France and with French Swimming. She presented it like a pro, and I loved seeing the biggest smile on her face. She is only getting stronger in the water, but I love watching her grow in her friendships out of the pool as well. Great job this past month Madeleine, lets keep up the good work! —Coach Allison


TAGS 1: Addison Orris

This new year has started with really good vibes. Addison ‘Addie’ Orris is our first TAGS 1 Swimmer of the Month of 2017. For me, every month, this award is a really tough decision because of the great job this kids have done so far. It’s a great satisfaction to see Addie at practice everyday, always taking care of every single detail in the water and out of the water with dryland. She has improved in all her strokes, especially on the breaststroke (maybe her weaker stroke) where she definitely stepped up, dropping more than five seconds on the 100BR since we started the season. Addie is a swimmer with outstanding DISCIPLINE and always willing to follow the best advice of the coach. We still have work to do, but TAGS cuts are around the corner for you my friend. Stay FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS and enjoy the ride. Good job Addie! SI SI SI!!! —Coach Felix


National Development: Jasmine Bui

Jasmine Bui, 15, is one of our newest ND swimmers qualifying for the Texas Sectional Championships.  She is a Sophomore at Vandergrift High School.  Jasmine is a qualifier in 100 breast, 200 IM and sprint freestyles.  Jasmine is an amazing team mate and very soft spoken.  She leads with excellent technique in both dryland and pool sessions. Congrats on your progress, and I look forward to watching even bigger and better things in you near future!   Keep it up Jasmine! —Coach Randy


National Group: Corban Rawls and Matt Connealy

Both Matt and Corban have been on fire in practice since winter training.  They’ve both made a strong commitment to the some slight adjustments in their training and they committed to improving their weaknesses.  Both men had very strong in-season performances at the Austin Arena PSS, swimming well ahead of where they were last year at the same point.  Lastly, they’ve brought a lot of energy and leadership to the team! —Coach Elliot