Nitro Swimmer of the Month for April 2017


Cedar Park

Senior: Nell Yao

Nell has been working on a TON of different things in workouts lately, including her butterfly, her endurance, and her diving. She swam in the FiestAAAA meet the third weekend of April and absolutely killed it! She swam best times in all of her events, and made it very clear that she has been working to improve her strokes and her speed in the water.  Nell achieved her first BB time at that meet and I couldn’t be more proud of her. —Coach Dan


Sectional Development: Shih En Lin

Shih En gets to be this month’s Swimmer of the Month because he has consistently showed that he wants to be at workout every single day! Shih En has fantastic attendance records month after month, missing workouts on very very rare occasions. That tenacity has definitely paid off for Shih En because he has been crushing it in workouts as of late.  His times in our timed sets have been getting faster and faster and Coach Alex and I have taken notice! Keep it up Shih En! —Coach Dan


TAGS 2: Jeremy Kelly

Jeremy is new to the group but is already making a BIG impact. Both in competition and at practice his times and work ethic are impressive. Every time he touches the water he is laser focused on getting better and going faster. We are excited to have him with us in TAGS II and look forward to his success this season. GO Nitro! —Coach Daniel


TAGS 1: Trisha Filimoehala and Shreyush Shankar

Trisha and Shreyush are representing South Texas Swimming this weekend at the Open Water Festival in Fort Myers, Florida. We are very proud of them for being chosen to represent their LSC at this event. Getting exposure to a new sport with in our sport at the same time. However Trisha is almost veteran when it comes to Open Water events having participated in multiple events during her time in Hawaii. Shreyush our Distance man is dipping his toes in the Open Water game and hopefully coming back with a good experience. Good luck to both. —Coach Flo


National Development: Cierra Scully

Cierra joined us about a month ago and has done a fantastic job in and out of the water. She is always bringing a great attitude and lots of energy to practice. She participated in her first club meet in a long time about two weekends ago and absolutely crushed it! Keep working hard and bringing great energy to practice every day! —Coach Jeremy


Bee Cave

HS/MS Training: Swetha Ayinala
Swetha hasn’t just turned in a good month of training but a good several months. She’s always doing the little things right and has the attitude that every coach looks for in a swimmer. It’s just a joy to have her in practice. She doesn’t shy away from difficult sets but rather embraces them and enjoys the challenge. Like many other swimmers at Nitro, there’s constant banter about Westake vs. Lake Travis. Despite the fact that she goes to the lesser school (Lake Travis), Swetha wholeheartedly deserves this month’s SOW. Go Chaps, Swetha! :] —Coach Peter


Senior: Kiara Bobb and Madison Eppard

When selecting a swimmer of the month you look at all of the improvement you see in the training, their strokes, focus, intensity, and any number of variables, all the while comparing them to the rest of the group. Then it comes down to how they challenge themselves at practice and also in the competition pool. These two young ladies have been doing a great job of making adjustments, pushing through their pain, and this last weekend, swimming side by side, I got to watch how tough they both could be swimming in the second to last heat of the last event of a long cold and windy weekend. The 1500 is not for everyone! Madison had never swam it before and it had been a while for Kiara, but when you’re swimming side by side with lane mate pride becomes a factor. The ladies both set off on the same pace with Madison taking an early lead and pushed it to about four body lengths, but at about the 1000 meter mark Kiara started to close and for the last eight lengths it became an all out battle! The last stroke was a classic photo finish and everyone looked to the big board, .07 was all that separates the two swimmers and both were National B times! Great job ladies! I can’t wait to see the 800. —Coach Chuck


TAGS 2: Kaylee Wu

Kaylee is quiet, but hilarious! I have been lucky enough to coach and work with her for a while and have gotten to know her in and out of the water. Kaylee’s love for swimming is easy to see, and she is always working to continue to get better. One of my favorite parts about Kaylee and her addition to TAGS 2 and Nitro is her ability to be everyone’s friend. She is kind and warming to every single teammate, whether she has swam with them for 2 years, or they just joined the group. Kaylee is a great combination of what a coach wants in the water (hard work) and the teammate she is becoming out of the water! Keep being you Wu! —Coach Allison



Being honest with you my friends, what a hard decision this one was. I got to the conclusion that my Swimmers of the Month for April are my 27 swimmers from TAGS 1! If I think of every aspect of this past month there’s definitely something special going on in TAGS 1. It’s my job, every single day, to get the best out of my kids not only as swimmers, but also as better and grateful human beings during those 105 minutes in the water. I’m the kind of coach that believes in the philosophy of, “I teach and I learn every day, that’s why we are coaches”. In unity lies strength. Anything could be possible. Trust in yourselves and give the best of you every hour and every minute. Keep up the good work guys! I’m really proud and I’ll continue giving my best, always beyond the expectations! FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!! SI SI SI!!!! “When you feel beat up, tired and rugged…DO THE WORK  -Olivier Leroy  —Coach Felix


National Development: Julia York

Julia York, 15, is our ND swimmer of the month.  She has shown an excellent consistent effort at dryland and in the pool.  She has been working on some subtle changes in technique that show on an everyday basis. Julia specializes in breast and IM and is finishing her sophomore year at Vandergrift.  She is an excellent student, teammate and person.  I look forward to her having a big Long Course season. Keep it up Julia! —Coach Randy


National Group: Ashlyn Carroll

Ashlyn has been doing awesome in practices the last couple months.  She’s also really been doing well in dryland!  You could see her improvements with her swims at the FiestAAAA meet in San Antonio.  Some of the fastest in-season times she’s had! —Coach Elliot