Nitro Swim Team Swimmers of the Week

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: The 11:45am entire Saturday group! They were amazing this past week with reading the pace clock. They all had their peepers popped and streamlines ready.

Bee Cave: Malena Heineman. Malena had a great week working on Breaststroke and Backstroke. She has been a great example in her strokes, her attitude, and being extremely welcoming to everyone who’s there.


Cedar Park: Jasmine and Jennifer Chi I want to recognize them now because they are actually moving up and out of the Bronze group this week. This move is testament to their focus and hard work in practice over the past few weeks. The start of the short course season brought lots of opportunity for them to lead their Bronze group and I know that everyone having had the pleasure of swimming in their lane has learned from their good examples of technique and clock reading. Best of luck in the Silver group, ladies!! Thanks for all that you brought to the Bronze group. You willl be missed.

Bee Cave: Chase Runyan. Chase recently re-joined us after donning a waterproof cast for a broken arm. He hasn’t let that dampen his spirits at all, as he is pushing hard for the Silver group. Keep it up!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: Caroline Fisher and Caleb Betts . We have seen great improvements in both of these swimmers. Although, the thing that I’ve noticed, is something other than swimming. GREAT ATTITUDES! Wow, talk about great energy brought to the pool. These two want to be here, and it shows. Great job you two, and thanks for being a part of NITRO.

Bee Cave: Nicolas Bui Nicolas has been very consistent throughout this whole season so far. What made him stand out this week was his improvement in his underwater push offs and his kick.


Cedar Park: Capri Toth Capri has done a really great job this week leading the lanes, knowing exactly when to leave for her intervals and just generally working really hard. She has a good attitude about practice and it makes it more fun to coach her.

Bee Cave: Jack Beiter Jack improved his kicking from 50 seconds to 37 seconds for a 25 kick with a board. His training improved very consistently and great effort all week. He has been focused well and we look forward to his continued success in our Silver group.

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Justin Chen. Justin has been working on his strokes and really been focused on the details. He’s very quietly doing the daily hard work required to become the best he can be. Keep up the good work Justin!

Bee Cave: Brynn Bentley. Every day that Brynn walks onto the pool deck, it is evident there are few places she would rather be. Always a kind word, wearing her permanent smile, she is a joy to coach. On the swimming side of things, she has made big strides since coming our way last summer from another program. Her efficiency has improved dramatically.


Cedar Park: Payton Marvin. Payton has pushed herself in practice more then we have ever seen before and that is saying a lot because she has always been an extremely hard worker. She is always smiling and has a great attitude about training and life in general. She is going to have a very successful season and we are really looking forward to her continued improvement

Bee Cave: Matt Hammond Matt is looking a lot better in his backstroke technique. More long and controlled staying relaxed and racing being a good teammate to others around him.

Thanks for being part of Nitro Swimming, and Thanks to Coach Flo at Cedar Park for organizing all of the Swimmer of the Week entries. See you at the pools! Coach Mike.