Nitro Swim Team Swimmers of the Week Oct. 1 – 6, 2012

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Cindy Ruiz & Tanner Glazier– Both of these swimmers attended the Nitro at the Races meet this weekend and both of them overcame the obstacle of swimming with goggles that came off during a race, or two!  I am so proud of Cindy and Tanner for continuing to swim their races NO MATTER WHAT! It a very exciting and fun filled afternoon and neither of them let their goggle situations take away from the fun or their race!  You both made an impression with the other swimmers in the stands!  Way to go you two, just keep swimming just keep swimming!  Also a shout out to the rest of the Intro to Nitro Swimmers who attended the meet with weekend, it was awesome to see all of you out there having fun and learning about swim meets!

Bee Cave: Hope Stivers- Hope comes ready to swim each practice with a huge smile and a willingness to get after it. She is a joy to coach and we look forward to seeing what is in store down the road for her. Great attitude, and a great effort will take you far in anything! Nice job!


Cedar Park: Ella Jewell– Ella was really nervous about working on diving this week, she was not super excited about having to dive off the tall blocks, with some work on Saturday before the meet she did everything single dive from the block at the meet. Really excited for her and look forward to her continuing to improve.

Bee Cave:Caroline Pollan– Caroline is the Bronze swimmer of the week. She has shown excellent skills in learning and listening. We have been working on a lot of starts and turns and Caroline fearlessly attempts and successfully achieves each task given to her. Caroline also swam in the Nitro at the Races meet on Saturday and she did a great job cheering and racing at her best! Keep it up Caroline!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:ALL THE SWIMMERS THAT PARTICIPATED IN THE NITRO AT THE RACES!!!– You guys and gals were AWESOME.  Great dives, turns, streamlines and strokes.  You look like the professional swimmers at the Olympics.  Great job at Bee Cave, thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Max Figueroa-Allen– Max has been working so hard since joining our group. Coach Mike and I have really noticed and admire his never give up attitude. The huge difference is his kick. It is absolutely phenomenal now. Keep up the great work Max!


Cedar Park:Graciela Uriegas & William Carona– Gracie is the strong and silent type.  Always leading her lane and never complaining or asking questions because she listens so well.  She takes constructive criticism very well and strives to build her technique, she never misses an interval and always knows how many 25’s, 50’s, etc. the group has done.  Strong, smart, good listening swimmers are the most fun to coach, thank you Gracie!Will another one of our strong swimmers.  Always leading his lane and taking on any challenge we can dish out, even when I change the interval at the last second so he doesn’t get too much rest, he instantly jumps at the chance to get a great workout in.  One of the best qualities an athlete can have is a positive attitude, being able to stay positive after a Coach tells you to go on an interval 30 seconds faster than everyone else is nothing to take for granted.  Great job Will!

Bee Cave:Taylor Mathis– Taylor has been training very hard, every night she leads one of the lanes for Silver 2, she starts the night with a smile and I’ve never seen her finish the night without a smile. Sometimes the toughest thing for the coaches is holding her back long enough to make a stroke correction! She is a true competitor.

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Galya Gonzalez– Galya always comes to practice ready to work hard, leads the pack, and had some great time drops at the Red v Black meet. She’s always a pleasure to have in practice and dry land!

Bee Cave:Caroline Reckart– Caroline has really stepped up as a leader in this group this past couple of weeks. Every set she attacks with great aggression. Her turns and strokes are coming together nicely with some blazing speed. Keep up the great work Caroline!


Cedar Park: Cassandra Keating– Cassandra has really pushed the envelope all week long, several times coming directly from Cross Country practice to practice, she also had a Cross Country meet Saturday morning. Instead of resting and recovering from that strenuous activity, she immediately put on her swim suit to come participate in our first Test Set of the year. Congrats to Cassandra and all the hard work she is putting into making her swimming better.

Bee Cave:Taz Saunders– Taz has been one of the leaders of the Gold group, never once has he shied away from a challenge, and this last week when a time restraint left him swimming with the senior group for the evening he chased after every send off and responded to every set Adrian had written for the group! At that moment he lifted himself beyond the pain barrier and became Swimmer of the Week