Nitro Swim Team | Swimmers of the Week March 5, 2012

Swimmers of the Week 3-05-12

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Kennedy Diamond– Kennedy has been working really hard in all practices over the past few weeks, we can see a noticeable improvement in her butterfly technique. She is fun to coach and super friendly we look forward to seeing her at practice every time. Keep up the hard work Kennedy!

Bee Cave:Diya Kini and Olivia Patanella– Diya is a relatively new swimmer that has improved tremendously. She listens well and is kind to everyone in her class. Diya is a joy to have around and is always working hard and having fun in practice. Keep up the hard work sweetie! Olivia was actually named Swimmer of the Week last week, but we had comitted an error on the spelling of her last name, so here she is this week with the spelling of her name corrected!!


Cedar Park: Alaya Johnson– After a number of rockin’ races last weekend at the Georgetown meet, Alaya has really stepped it up in practice. As one of the youngest members of Bronze group, it’s awesome to see her gaining confidence and moving up in her lane. She has terrific stroke technique and we’re excited to see how Alaya continues to develop and improve.

Bee Cave: Nicole Morrow– Nicole is a hard worker and is always happy to be at the pool.  That hard work is not simply then effort she puts into going fast but is also the effort she puts into correcting her strokes.  Nicole listens well and is always asking for feedback.  Her efforts have really paid off and her swimming has become much stronger in the past couple of months.  Keep up the great work Nicole!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: THE FRIDAY EVENING T/F #5 SWIMMERS!!! – The Friday night group swims once a week, and need to utilize the hour as best as they can.  This past week, we saw some incredible swimming.  After discussing how to swim with their core, arms came flying out of the water on fly, and their rotation and reaching on free and back was insane.  Incredible job you guys, you looked great.  Thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave: Seamus Caskey– He brings a smile to practice every day and is a terrific lane leader. From start to finish Seamus is like a torpedo in the water. He has been working very hard and the results are convincing. Keep up the great work Seamus!


Cedar Park:Delaney Harris – Delany has been extremely consistent, gradually making progress towards reaching her potential in swimming.  No matter what it is we are working on Delaney is always eager to get started and seems to really enjoy herself.

Bee Cave:Jordan Mathis – Since she started swimming with Nitro in the fall, Jordan has worked very hard at improving her strokes and her speed.  As an eager lane leader in Silver 1, Jordan’s attitude and hard work make her a shining example for others.  With this winning combination, her future in and out of the pool shines bright.

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: John Martin. John had a great meet at Georgetown with some excellent time drops. He even tried some new events out, which I love to see. Great job John!

Bee Cave:Kathryn Rorer – In a short time Kathryn has really shown us that she is here to get better. She works hard, listens well and is a good teammate. I’ve see rapid improvement as her body has adjusted to the harder workouts in advanced silver. Keep up the great work and the great attitude, Kathryn!


Cedar Park: Reilly Gilbert– Reilly had a great A Championship meet two weekends ago, and his training this week in preparation for the TAGS meet have been great. He has pushed himself on the days we are trying to work hard and he has focused on days where we are trying to make the technique better. I look forward to watching him race at TAGS.

Bee Cave: Noah Balarbar – Practically no one works harder in BC Gold than Noah.  From the start of practice to the end, he puts in 110%.  Noah is also respectful, courteous, positive, and diligent at improving…true leadership traits.  Always a pleasure to coach, Noah sets a great example for for all Nitro swimmers.

Swimmer of the Month

Cedar Park

High School Training:Sydney Nease– Since joining the HS group Sydney has transformed into a good swimmer. She has moved from last in her lane, to leading the entire group. She is a very consistent figure of the group, and am very happy to see her hard work, and desire to improve paying off.  Sydney is a great addition to our group, and is unlocking her swimming potential! Great job Sydney!

TAGS 2:Renee Jacops – Renee’s tenacity in meets and practices is obvious to everyone who knows her.  However she is our S.O.M because of the way she has learned to deal with disappointments.  We have been teaching the swimmers how to accept fear, uncertainly and to let go of mistakes.  Recently, Renee has shown greatness in this area.  Keep it up and good luck at TAGS everybody!

TAGS 1: Brandon Daniels– Brandon has been a good trainer most of the season, but really started to train great in February and that gave him confidence that he might have a chance to make a TAGS qualifying time at A Champs. In his 200 Back he dropped about 5 seconds and just missed his TAGS cut, in his 200 Fly he dropped 6 seconds in the prelims and in the finals dropped another 2 seconds, just missing his TAGS cut by .01 seconds. These were great swims by Brandon and even though he did not achieve his goal of a TAGS cut this season, he gained tremendous confidence going for the LCM season.

Senior:Katie Nichols– Over the course of the SC season Katie has really developed as a person and athlete. It is awesome to see her getting faster and taking ownership of her training. Katie had a stellar championship season, with loads of PRs – and has come out on the other side with renewed focus and drive for her Long Course season. We especially commend her intrinsic motivation to break her habit of breathing out of her turns. She is well on her way to terrific and exciting improvements. Keep up the good work!

Sectionals:Aaron O’neil– After joining the Sectional group mid-season, Aaron has shown remarkable growth. Distance swimmers are known for training longer and harder in order to endure a race like the 500 and 1650. Aaron is no exception. He has trained extremely well since joining the group. He has also had one of the best attendance records in the group. In February it all came together – Aaron dropped 27 seconds in the 500 since joining the group, and 30+ seconds in the mile, both times just off Sectional qualification times. This has certainly been Aaron’s breakout month and season. We look forward to seeing what Aaron does in the upcoming long course season.

Bee Cave

Senior 2: Isaac Johnson– Isaac stepped up his training over the last few months and it paid off at A Champs. Isaac worked diligently on both his backstroke and freestyle, earning the right to swim both strokes at A Champs, highlighted by his blazing 100 Free split on the 400 medley of 50.5! What a way to end the season Isaac! Congrats!

Senior 1/TAGS: Ben Rodgers – Ben had a great month of swim meets, both high school and at Sectionals! Ben started off his weekend in fine fashion, dropping 6 seconds in his 200 Breast, nearly breaking 2:10. Additionally, Ben earned a spot on the B Medley Relay, getting his best split ever by going 1:10.  On the last day of the meet, Ben again dropped time in the 100 Breast, breaking 1:01 for the first time, going 1:00.44 and going 1:11 (LC) at night outstanding swimming Ben!