Nitro Swim Team | Swimmers of the Week March 19-24, 2012

Swimmer of the Week for March 19th – 24th:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Cecelia Lawrence– Cecelia has always been a hard worker and on top of her game, but this past Saturday she mastered the tough head lead kicking like a pro!  Working on body positioning and rotation was a breeze for Cecelia making it easy to coach and correct.  Swimming a slightly longer distance with the pool set up long course did not even phase her, way to go Cecelia! Keep it up!!

Bee Cave:Jemma Burns– Jemma has been improving tremendously all around. We have been seeing significant positive changes to her stroke technique every week. These developments have certainly originated from her noticeably better listening skills. All of that combined with all of the hard work she has put in to developing her kicking abilities. Her revisions have indubitably pushed her to the top of the group. She is also one of the few Intros’ that can make it across the pool in one breath in a streamline position. Congratulations Jemma! Keep up the great work.


Cedar Park: Aadhithya Kannan (Adi, for short)– Adi has only been with the Bronze group for a few weeks, and in that time we have seen him blossom faster than a Cherry Blossom in April! He has acclimated to the Bronze group beautifully and is becomes stronger/faster with every practice! We’re proud of his growth and excited to see how he continues to develop as a group leader. Keep up the good work!

Bee Cave: Bronze #3– Over the past two weeks this group has really stepped their game up! They hold each other accountable every practice to perform to their best. Their stream lines and energy in the water is what makes this group stand out. I can see a competitive edge forming within this group. We, the coaches, are so proud of this whole group. Great job, you earned it!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Alyssa Vandyke and Mingi Hong – First off, let’s take our hats off to Alyssa and her breaststroke.  She was having a bit of a struggle with her breaststroke timing. After working at it for some time, she nailed it. Nice job Alyssa.  Mingi is fairly new to NITRO T/F, and always shows up with a great smile and attitude.  He brings great energy to the group, and is advancing nicely with his swimming.  Great job you two, thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Sophie Beasley– Every single practice Sophie is always asking questions. When a correction is mentioned she immediately applies it to the following 25. As each week passes she keeps improving. Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park:Samir Anwar & Shelby DuBose– Samir has been buckling down lately in an effort to become a better IM’er.  His butterfly sometimes takes more effort than any other stroke but Samir is not giving up!  It’s obvious that Samir loves swimming and has a great time with his buddies, but when he’s addressed by a coach, he gives us his undivided attention. Thanks, Samir!Shelby has made some great strides recently with her butterfly, breaststroke, and dives. Add this along with her always smiling about practices and willingness to change to improve her technique and you get Shelby. She is becoming a better swimmer, and is continually learning more daily. Great job Shelby and keep it up!

Bee Cave: Smriti “Sue” Rai– Sue comes to practice every day with a smile & desire to learn.  Constantly asking, “was that right?” “Am I doing this correct?” she has an imbedded desire to strive and do well.  Her stroke has changed in a wonderfully, positive way because she is an excellent student & applies what she learns. Nailing the correct head position in freestyle this week is an example of her determination. Keep up the great work Sue!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Rachael Jacops & Elise Johnson– Rachael has put together a string of absolutely fantastic practices over the last week. It’s been great to watch her step up to the plate. Elise Johnson was a great help to some of the newer swimmers to the group by being a friendly new teammate. Thanks to her for being willing to help out!

Bee Cave:Annie Halm– Annie pushes herself work-in and work-out.  However, recently she broke her arm and is now relegated to kicking the workouts.  Annie has not let that get in her way, insisting on doing as much of the workout with the rest of the team as she can.   Sometimes that means fins but, much of the time, she is just kicking like crazy.  Way to go Annie!  Keep up the great work and the fantastic attitude!


Cedar Park: Kaitlyn Freeman & Reagan Bleasdell– Kaitlyn and Reagan have been with the Gold group since Christmas training and they are working harder than ever before. They really pushed their limits during our Saturday workout that was meant to really get their heart rates up. All of that after having a great week of drills, look forward to seeing them continue on this great path they have created for themselves.

Bee Cave:Miguel Velasquez– Miguel is a shining example of what a Nitro swimmer represents.  Miguel works hard no matter what task he is given, has a positive attitude always, is a leader in and out of the water, and is always eager in wanting to learn & be better. Miguel is a joy to coach & I look forward to seeing his continued success! Keep up the great work Miguel!