Nitro Swim Team | Swimmers of the Week March 12, 2012

Swimmers of the Week

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Annabelle Chang – Annabelle is newer to Intro to Nitro still and she has no idea how great she is!  Each new concept we learn she questions and before she has even made it all the way across the pool she has already got it down!  This past week we introduced the breaststroke underwater pull out a.k.a. the 3, 2, and 1.  It’s a trickier concept for any beginning swimmer because there is so much to be thinking about, all underwater and no breathing.  Annabelle took the challenge head on and rocked it from the get go.  She was also a big help to a new swimmer who was very unsure of the whole thing.  Annabelle you rock!!!

Bee Cave:Caitlin Trammell– All of last week the Intro to Nitro kids were working on their Freestyle flip turns. Flip turns can be very difficult and Caitlin had been struggling with them for a few months now. I am happy to announce that last week through much determination Caitlin conquered the flip turn. I am very proud of her. Caitlin is a sweet girl who always tries her hardest, listens well and is kind to others. She is a great example of what Nitro is all about. Congratulations Caitlin, keep up the hard work!


Cedar Park:Lycia Poh– Since coming to Bronze from Intro about 2 months ago, Miss Lycia has taken off like a rocket! Her learning curve has been remarkable as she has repeatedly astounded the coaches with her command of intervals and involved sets. At the age of 8, she is already rocking out whatever challenge is handed to her and almost leading the lane – all the while, with a cheerful attitude and beaming smile. Thanks for being a part of our training group Lycia, you rock!

Bee Cave:Kylie VanderMeer– It is always a joy to see Kylie’s smiling face at practice.  She has a great attitude and you can just tell how much she wants to be in the water.  I’ve been very happy with Kylie’s improvement over the last few months and look forward to seeing her progress this summer.  Keep up the great work Kylie!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: Amanda Yin and Chester Maillart – Amanda swims with the Saturday group. This past week I was impressed, to see that her breathing is becoming easier to manage.  She’s cruising through the water now.  Chester had a good week.  Especially after we fixed his elbows and fingers, to work on his technique in butterfly.  His arms were flying over the water.  Thanks for letting us assist you Chester.  Great job you two, keep up the great work, thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Vincent Huang– Every time Vincent comes to practice he has a “can do” attitude. This past week he has really stepped it up. He executed stream lines, kick, freestyle and breathing patterns. Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park:Dan and Max Vinnik– These boys have done a great job recently working on improving the quality of their swimming from butterfly, streamlines, and turns. Additionally, both boys always come to practice excited to be there, smile while working hard, and leave as happy as they came. Great job Vinnik boys!

Bee Cave:Erik Hanson – Erik is one of those swimmers we really enjoy coaching.  He tries very hard throughout every practice, and he’s always ready to go with a PMA.  Keep up the great work Erik!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Eli Blinchevsky– Eli had a great meet at Georgetown, and has been working hard on his freestyle and backstroke technique all week. We’ve already started to see some great improvements and I know all of his work will pay off!

Bee Cave:This Saturday the Advanced Silver grouphad a pretty challenging set.  It would have been easy to give up just hearing about it but, I want to commend all the swimmers who were at the practice for not giving in to that.  So often swimming, and life, are about the attitude with which you approach it.  Those who choose to attack a challenge with vigor and focus, despite how difficult it might sound, are exactly the individuals I like to have in the pool.  Well done Saturday Crew!


Cedar Park: 10 & Under Girls– Not only where these girls state champion in the 200 Medley Relay, they were team state champions as well. Any time a 10 & under was swimming the ones not racing in that event where standing on the side of the pool cheering them on. It did not matter if it was Finals or Prelims they were at each other’s side the entire time. A special thanks to Gold member from Bee Cave Keren Makhervaks, she helped every single relay out so hard and was rewarded with being a state champion on the final relay of the meet.

Bee Cave:Gold Team TAGs Qualifiers! – They are Kylie Ballard, Keren Makhervaks, Gavin Moak, Andrew Pickard, Miguel Velasquez, and Josh Walsh.  These swimmers have worked very hard to make it to the state championship meet.  All of the coaches and Gold swimmers are very proud of your accomplishment!