Nitro Swim Team | Swimmers of the Week July 30 – Aug 4, 2012

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Aden Postelnik – Aden has been working every practice to keep up with the group and get his flip turn on his own, and this Thursday was the DAY!  Hard work pays off, Aden set out for a 50 freestyle focusing on watching for his start and finish time and ended up nailing his flip turn and remembering both times!  So proud of you Aden, now let’s get the backstroke flip turn down!!

Bee Cave:Maily Nguyen– The last couple weeks the Intro kids have been working on their Freestyle and Backstroke flip turns. Maily in particular was not excited about this. A lot of kids have trouble with flip turns/somersaults, because there is just sooo much going on at once. Maily was very hesitant at first, but by the end of this week she was one of the few in the class that was able to do a complete a backstroke flip turn. Congratulations Maily! You showed yourself how great it feels to conquer your fears!

Bronze ­­­

Cedar Park:Robbie Graves– Robbie is one of the hardest working boys in Bronze.  He’s been doing his best to improve his strokes and turns in every practice.  Just in the past week, Robbie has gotten noticeably faster.  His great attitude and terrific effort make him a Bronze leader.

Bee Cave:Sam Beiter– Sam has shown a huge change in his attitude in the pool. Attacking every set with 100% effort. He has also shown great strides of improvement in his dives off the block! Congratulations Sam!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:David & Wyatt Engle– The Engle’s have been swimming with NITRO, for some time, and have really proven themselves in the pool.  They have been attentive, willing to demonstrate for the group, and have excelled in their technique.  Great job you two, thanks for being a part of NITRO, and hopefully we’ll see you guys at the pool.  Best of luck in your soccer careers.  Coach Stephen

Bee Cave:Sam Foit– Sam has really focused on his dives and the improvement has been drastic. Sam’s dives are very crisp and precise when he dives in. Great job this week Sam!


Cedar Park:Kayla Hess– Kayla has done a great job over the past week working on her under waters, and improving her swimming. She is channeling the Olympic spirit and is doing a great job. Keep it up Kayla.

Bee Cave:Morgan Cohn– Since moving up to Silver, Morgan has been working extremely hard and always keeping a positive attitude.  Morgan’s work ethic & discipline are paying off as her swimming technique & speed are improving on a daily basis.  Keep up the great work Morgan!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Carlee Igau– Carlee moved to Nitro from a team in Wisconsin, and we’re glad to have her! Her hard work and focus on stroke technique is really paying off. She also always has a smile and a great attitude about all of the sets that we do.

Bee Cave:Shannon Bagnal– Shannon rose to the occasion to be a great leader this week. On many occasions I caught her cheering her lane mates up during a difficult set. Great to see such great leadership from her. Congratulations!


Cedar Park:Reilly Gilbert– Reilly, not only stepped up to the plate, and delivered some excellent practices, his attitude is what impressed the coaches.  He asked questions, listened intently, led his lane, and really put some great effort.  Especially on Saturdays freestyle breathing set. Great job Reilly, keep up the great work, thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.  Coach Stephen

Bee Cave:Lara McKennon– Lara has been working exceptionally hard & always has a smile on her face. She has been pushing the limits in practice lately & is making progress weekly!  Keep up the great work Lara!