Nitro Swim Team | Swimmers of the Week for May 7 – 12, 2012

Swimmers of the Week for May 7th – 12th:

Intro to Nitro

CedarPark:Austin Alaspa– Austin has been a great student never giving up on himself and becoming more and more confident with each practice.  This past week we have had a few new swimmers join our classes, Austin was in a lane with a new swimmer and without hesitation took it upon himself to help the new teammate feel welcome.  He explained how to watch the clock and also gave some personal advice about flip-turns and magic numbers.  It was really great to see someone in class so willing to help and make new friends.  Austin has also been getting consistently stronger in the water and his drive to do better is relentless!  Austin, keep doing what you are doing buddy!  Thank you!

BeeCave: All Intros that swam at the races this weekend– I am very proud of my entire Intro to Nitro swimmers that braved the long coarse meet last weekend. The pool being set up in long coarse fashion can be very intimidating and the majority of them have never swam a complete 50 without stopping. That being said there are two kiddos in particular that were especially courageous, Megan Buck and Tucker Taylor.  Megan and Tucker haven’t been with the Intro to Nitro’s for very long, but they both challenged themselves tremendously. Congratulations!


CedarPark :Vincent Rubiero– Vincent has really stepped up to the front of the Bronze group and we want to recognize his great work ethic and positive attitude. The coaches were most impressed at Friday evening’s practice when (without complaint or a second thought) he did 8x25s butterfly and lead his lane, as the rest of the group completed the set with fins. With three 25s to go, I noticed he was rocking it out, equipment-free. The coaches were floored! Vincent is cheerful and conscientious and we appreciate his adaptive attitude. Keep up the good work!

BeeCave:All Meet Goers!– I want to applaud the Bronze group on a great meet weekend.  I thought the group swam well but, beyond that, I thought you really “showed up”.  At the Nitro at the Races, I saw good swimming, great attitudes and loads of fun and that’s what meets are all about!  Keeps that feeling going right into practice!

Technique and Fitness

CedarPark : All Nitro at the Races Attendees– Great job to all those attending the meet this weekend, ALL of you are my Swimmers of the Week. Great job, thanks for being a part of NITRO, see you at the pool!

BeeCave:Faryal Jabbar– She has finally conquered the flip turn after months and months of trying. She is nice and friendly to everyone in her group. And she has been working really hard and the results are showing in the pool. Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park:Kelly Digby– Kelly had a great meet in San Antonio this past weekend, setting personal best in all her events, even swimming one without goggles! She has done a good job recently in practice working on the little things to improve her swimming, and it’s starting to show. Great job Kelly!

BeeCave:Aidan Henry– Aidan has a strong desire to succeed in swimming. He proves that every day at swim practice as he works very hard, listens to & applies feedback, and is a leader in his lane. Aidan expresses his desire to move up levels in swimming & is working towards it daily.  Keep up the great work Aidan!

Advanced Silver

CedarPark :Raavi Chokhawala– Not only was it Raavi’s birthday this week, but she’s been swimming at the head of her lane every day! Her effort and energy level has been fantastic. Keep it up Raavi!

BeeCave:Annie Von Doersten– Advanced Silver had a great week!  What made it great was not just the effort being put in but, the teammate support that I heard while swimmers were on the walls.  Annie really leads the way with her support and encouragement of the swimmers around her.  She has been battling a knee injury that has kept her pulling much of the time, but that didn’t stop her great attitude and contribution to the group.  She is loud and proud and contributes to a fantastic atmosphere that can be felt exuding from this group. Keep it up Annie!


CedarPark :Anthea Gonzalez – Anthea has been working her tail off this past week very deserving of this award, having worked from the beginning of the week and every single day thereafter. She impressed the entire group by leading the training group during a set of 100s Backstroke and the next day being a leader on our 10x200s Set. Keep up the great work Anthea!

BeeCave:Gavin Moak– Gavin trains like an animal.  We are in the middle of tough training and Gavin never ever gives up.  At the end of a long, tough set, he is one to push it past his comfort level & become greater.  Gavin is consistently asking questions for how he can become better. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for him.  Keep up the great work Gavin!