Nitro Swim Team | Swimmers of the Week for June 18-23, 2012

Swimmers of the Week for June 18th – 23rd:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Sanjana Ram– Sanjana has been working extremely hard every week to nail her flip turns, each practice getting closer and closer.  The past two weeks she has made leaps and bounds worth of progress!  She felt defeat early on and fought her way back up. With help from coach Sammi she was able on multiple swims to get her flip turns and better grasp on her capabilities.  Keep up the phenomenal work girl!!

Bee Cave:Iliana Linahan– Iliana has been doing extremely well especially since she has been with the Intro to Nitro program for less than a month. This last week we did some great work on streamlines and flip turns. Flip turns are typically a big hurdle for most Intro to Nitro swimmers, but Iliana came through it with flying colors. She is one who always seems to be happy on the pool deck and she is making friends quickly. Iliana is also very respectful and listens to her coaches with her full attention. Even though she is new to Intro she has met each new challenge with determination and focus. We are happy to have you on the team.


Cedar Park: Ashna Karpe– Ashna is a great swimmer to have in the group because she is so dedicated to improving her strokes, as soon as she gets correction on a drill she will make that change instantly. She is a great listener and super friendly swimmer to all her teammates. Keep up the great work Ashan!!!

Bee Cave:Natalie Klaas– Natalie has been doing a great job in Bronze and this week was no exception.  She listens well, focuses on her strokes, is kind and polite to her teammates and knows how to turn on the engines when the coaches ask for the extra effort. Keep up the great work Natalie!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Nicole Sprencel & Brian Lee – These two swimmers have been consistently, consistent in their swimming.  They show up with great attitudes, they get in, and more importantly, they get the job done.  Great job you two, thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Nicolas Bui– Nicholas has been with us since last year. He has developed his strokes into something special. He always has crazy stories to tell such as running 6 miles before he comes to practice for his cross country camp. He is a wonderful swimmer to coach. He walks onto deck with a smile and a ready to go attitude. Great job Nicholas!


Cedar Park: Emily Lu– Emily is new to our group and has done a tremendous job not only adjusting to a different group but also taking stroke corrections and improving her swimming. Great job Emily, keep the hard work up!

Bee Cave:Ian Cullicott– Since moving up to Silver, Ian has been working extremely hard and always keeping a positive attitude.  Ian is early to practice every day, and eager to swim and improve.  Ian’s work ethic & discipline are paying off as his swimming technique & speed are improving on a daily basis.  Keep up the great work Ian!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:All of our new swimmers who have joined Advanced Silver over the past few weeks!– Anna Zendt, Kaley Rogers, Trey Jackson and Harris Durham have all arrived from various programs around the country. We’re excited to have them and love the energy and excitement they have brought to the group. Welcome aboard!

Bee Cave:Erik Hanson– Erik has been with Advanced Silver only a couple of months but his efforts in the pool have been obvious from the start.  This week, I saw Erik put together several solid workouts and have been very pleased to see his focus on implementing the stroke corrections given by his coaches.  Keep up the good work Erik!


Cedar Park: David Heckman– David has been doing such a great job all week long, working on improving his technique and since he is finally out of his cast he is really able to shine. His tenacity in the water is only rivaled by his tenacity during dry land workouts always trying to achieve more. He is an exciting swimmer to have in any group especially the Gold group. Keep it up David!

Bee Cave:Connor Jones– Connor has been working exceptionally hard since moving up to Gold, and always has a smile on his face.  Connor is a shining example of a positive mental attitude.  Keep up the great work Connor!