Nitro Swim Team Swimmers of the Week for July 9-14, 2012

Swimmers of the Week for July 9th – 14th:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Vera Yi – Vera has been working extremely hard to stick her open turns and it has paid off!  In the process I have seen Vera gain control and power in all of her strokes.  She is becoming brighter and better with every practice.  I am so happy to see the progress that Vera has made, especially in the last two months.  Keep up the great work Vera!!

Bee Cave:Sara Pacheco– This week The Intro kids were taking on the challenge of the Butterfly. This is not the easiest stroke in the world. It takes a lot of strength, coordination and timing. All of the Intros should be very proud of themselves. Sara did exceptionally well in taking all of our instructions and using them to shape up her technique. Sara always seems to be the life of the Intro party. With a continuous smile on her face, EVEN when she is swimming, she demonstrates time and time again that she wants to learn and improve . She has been working on her listening skills mostly because she doesn’t want to miss any of the instructions! Sara’s strokes are developing rapidly and she constantly impresses me. Keep up the awesome work Sweetie!


Cedar Park: Bronze #1– This group as whole has been one of the most encouraging group of swimmers I have been able to coach the swimmers are learning what it means to be good teammates to each other and they are having fun in practice every day. Please keep up the hard members of Bronze #1 and all of those who join us.

Bee Cave:Jennifer Bui– Jenny always has a smile on her face.  She shows me how much she wants to learn and how much fun she has every time she is in the water.  An attitude like that can be infectious and I love having that kind of mindset spreading throughout the group.  Keep up the great work Jenny!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Zairis Padilla & Kyle Le – These two swimmers have always come to practice, with a winning attitude.  Zairis stepped up her game, this past week.  She did great demonstrating her breathing pattern, on her butterfly.  Kyle is really improving, especially on his backstroke, including his backstroke underwater throw.  Great job you two, thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Sophia Grimes– Sophia had some sort of fire in her eyes that I had ever seen before. All week long she attacked our IM sets with 100% effort. Even when she was wiped out towards the end of practices, she continued to swim aggressive. Very impressed by her ability to hang in tough for a 1,300+ yard work out. Way to go!


Cedar Park:Vincent Ribeiro– Vincent has done a great job since joining our silver group this summer. He works extremely hard every day, continually improving his swimming. Looking forward to seeing what is in store for him in the future. Keep up the hard work!

Bee Cave:Claire Beiter– Claire works hard day in & day out and improves each week! She is a silent leader, but her calm demeanor is a wonderful balance to a big, fun silver group. Keep up the great work Claire!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Ryan Kutz and Beau Player– Both showed great strength in the face of adversity this past weekend at A champs. Ryan lost his googles in his first event, the 100 breast. It didn’t slow him down at all-he raced hard and came within tenths of a second of his best time. Beau qualified ninth in the 100 back, and was the only swimmer in the B final. He had to swim all by himself, in front of all of the swimmers and parents at the meet. He was able to swim a best time with no competition-a tough feat to pull off! Great job to both of the boys and they way in which they handled themselves.

Bee Cave:Ted Beiter– Ted has recently dedicated himself anew to swimming after trying to balance swimming with a couple of other sports.  His improved attendance and attitude has paid off for him in his last meet and I’ve seen a marked difference in his focus at practice.  In addition to those qualities, qualities I look for in Swimmer of the Week,  he was also leading the group by helping everybody to know where they were in the set.  Not only does this show how engaged a swimmer is but also helps to focus and engage the other swimmers.  Keep up the great work Ted!


Cedar Park: Caitlin Murphy, Ashlyn Carroll– Caitlin Murphy had the best swim meet of her young career making her first ever qualifying cuts for next week TAGS swim meet. She has been training extremely hard and her hard work has paid off. Ashlyn Carroll also made her first TAGS cut as an 11-12 year old in the 50 FL this weekend, just taking off right from the block and having one of those swims where you ask yourself where that came from, good thing it came from her hard work every day in the pool. Great job to both ladies looking forward to an amazing TAGS meet next week.

Bee Cave:All the Swimmers at A champs– These kids swam their hearts out & had some incredible swims! It is no easy feat sitting through prelims & finals, for 3 straight days, but these kids maintained focus & a positive attitude throughout the entire meet. Way to go!! So proud of all of them

That’s it for now. Thanks for being a part of Nitro Swimming! See you at the pools! Coach Mike.