Nitro Swim Team Swimmers of the Week for January 7 – 12, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Aman Tewari – Aman swam great all weekend at the Woodlands Rodeo meet recently.  During his warm down Aman decided that was the time to nail his flip turn once and for all!  Instead of a simple 75 easy Aman kept going for around a total of 150 yards focused on his flip.  It wasn’t until after he achieved goal that he told me his plan!  Very impressive dedication and determination Aman!  Way to go, good things come to those who work hard!!

Bee Cave:Swaha Roy– Swaha has been really working on developing her kick and overall strength. I don’t know if she realizes just how far she has come. Keep up the hard work sweetie!


Cedar Park:Kyle Le – Kyle just started swimming in the BRONZE group a few weeks ago.  Moving to a new group can make a swimmer nervous sometimes.  Kyle  always shows up with a smile, positive attitude  and the other swimmers are really enjoying our new addition to the group.  Great job Kyle keep up the great work, and thanks for being a part of NITRO.

Bee Cave:Naomi Kruger– Naomi has stepped up her game this past week.  The entire group was challenged and pushed harder than previous weeks and she did a great job responding and accepting the work.  Naomi clearly has a goal and is driven to get there, I’m excited to see where she can go.

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Karsyn Queen and Andrew Nguyen – Karsyn really showed her game with the butterfly that we did this past week.  She had liftoff.  Her timing in her breathing has really improved. Andrew is pretty quiet when he swims.  That doesn’t mean he’s not aggressive in the water.  He leads his lane and gets the job done.  Great job you two, thanks for being a part of NITRO. We’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Brenna Healy– Brenna has stepped up her game at practice. The fire in her eyes is evident that she is there to get better for the full 60 minutes of practice. We worked on some sprint work with a Bee Cave favorite game of King of the Hill. Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park:Andrew Jacobs– Andrew joined Silver from bronze just a week ago and his kick has greatly improved. He is a very good listener and that’s what it takes to be able to transition to a higher level of swimming.  Keep on listening and pushing and you will keep on improving Andrew!

Bee Cave:Addison Orris – If you were at the University of Texas meet on Sunday you would have seen quite a show put on by Addison, making finals not once but twice! Her focus and intensity set an example for all the Nitro Swimmers not just the Silver Group Swimmers, Great Job Addison and WOW!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Max Vinnik– While I was away, I got multiple text messages and emails from Coach Flo about the Advanced Silver swimmers at the New Year’s Classic. The one that floored me was the text message saying Max Vinnik won a three way swim off in the 50 fly to qualify for the finals! What a great swim-and a great meet for Max. Nice job!!

Bee Cave:Scott Brown– Scott has been making strides for some time and this week was no exception. While we continue to work on Scott’s strokes his power and intensity are not questioned. Early in the week, we had a challenge set that had many people stepping up to the plate. Amidst other outstanding performances Scott managed to distinguish himself and led the entire group to a higher level of swimming. His actions inspired his fellow swimmers and made the workout something really special. Keep up the great work Scott!


Cedar Park: Lewis McKerlie– Lewis is always challenging his lane to be better on a daily basis working harder and chasing the leaders or making the lane faster while leading. He is very good about making corrections and being an overall positive role model amongst his peers.

Bee Cave:Ted Beiter – Ted has been doing a great job leading his lane for quite a few weeks, but for the last week Ted has consistently stepped up and taken the lead in training for the Gold Group at Bee Cave, Night after night Ted has become the focus of the swimmers in the group, he’s the one they train to and his effort keeps improving the group. Many thanks Ted great job!