Nitro Swim Team | Swimmers of the Week April 9th – 14th

Swimmer of the Week for April 9th – 14th

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Anirud Kashyap– Anirud has been quite impressively accurate when answering questions in class.  Whether it be a question of what kind of turn do we do for a 50 butterfly/backstroke, how many lengths of the pool is a 75, or what does the IM order stand for and what is it?  He knows all the answers and can back it up while he is swimming!  There is no hesitation for him as he gets to the wall with a great two hand touch, he pushes off using the “elbow your brother call your mother” turn, pushing his belly button up to the ceiling and into a streamline on his back for backstroke!  Way to go Anirud and keep up the great work!!

Bee Cave:Sarah Menefee– Sarah had a tremendous week last week, were everything just came together completely. She has been consistently working very hard on her technique and it just had not come together until last week. It is very cool to see soo some much improvement happen in just 2-3 practices. I can’t wait to see what she does next week. Keep up the awesome work Sarah! The coaches are very proud of you!


Cedar Park:Katie Law– Katie recently came to Bronze from a TF group and since her time joining our group, she has consistently impressed the coaches with her attention to detail and willingness to fine-tune her skills. Katie takes direction very well and is always open to hearing stroke corrections. On top of all this, she has settled quite comfortably into the front of whatever lane she is placed in. At this rate, even though she’s only been with us for about a month, Katie may very well swim right on through to Silver before too long! Keep up the great work, Katie!

Bee Cave:Joyce Luo– Joyce always has a smile on her face.  She listens well and has been improving her strokes by taking the feed back the coaches have given her and put it into action.  Joyce keeps her effort level up for the whole 45 minutes and has become stronger for it.  Keep up the great work Joyce!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Riley Fuller and Bella Siu – These two swimmers have joined the T/F group, and come to practice with enthusiasm and great spirit.  Riley took my suggestions to help him with his backstroke flip turn.  He applied my advice and BAM, he nailed it.  Bella swims with us once a week, and really is the little racer.  She really knows how to pace herself, depending on the stroke.  She always asks questions when needed, and pays rapt attention in practice.  Great job you two, thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Hammad Masood– Recently he has really stepped up his game at practice. I am seeing solid improvement in his flip turns and freestyle. All of his hard work in practice is starting to pay off. Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park:Molly Sparrow– Molly is a VERY hard worker and is looking for new ways to become a better swimmer each and every day.  Molly is full of surprises and swims breaststroke and butterfly as if she’s 5 feet tall!  Molly is well on her way to big achievements — keep it up!

Bee Cave:Brooke Brockman– Brooke is making huge improvements with her technique every week.  Brooke is a fast learner & hard worker.  We are so happy to have Brooke on our silver team.  Great job Brooke!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Ellie Rice– Ellie is a new addition to the Advanced Silver group, and has been working her hardest to make every interval and every set, no matter how challenging. This week she broke through and finished a set that was on a very tough interval-one that I don’t think she could have made two weeks ago. She’s a great of example of hard work paying off! Nice job Ellie!

Bee Cave:Alay Shah– Since day one with Advanced Silver, Alay has shown us that he wants to work hard.  He gives 100% every practice and never lets up.  At times that has interfered with his stroke development but, day by day he has taken corrections and made adjustments.   I think back now to his freestyle even 4 months ago and there is no comparison.  Keep up the great work Alay!


Cedar Park:Anthony Luo – Anthony has been quietly kicking butt and taking names in practice. He is such a great technique swimmer and is always improving on that technique and applying it to his everyday swimming. I look forward to seeing what Anthony will do at the meet this weekend.

Bee Cave:Kylie Ballard– Kylie has stepped up her level of training recently and is showing great improvement in the water.  She is a tremendous athlete all around, and is always encouraging her teammates. Her glowing personality is infectious to others!  Great job Kylie!