Nitro Swim Team | Swimmers of the Week April 16th – 21st, 2012


Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Ava Werner– Ava is a hard little worker and doesn’t give up on herself, ever!  She listens carefully to the directions about the sets we are doing, then you can see her processing the information while waiting for her number on the clock.  Once she starts going she works out the kinks and winds up with great looking body waves on her back! Not to mention Ava always has a smile on her face.  Keep up the great job you are doing Ava!!

Bee Cave:Athena Luo & Simon Becker. Athena and Simon are my awesome leaders of their groups, and I could not just pick one of them this week. These two are my go-to kiddos for drill demos, kicking demos, kind words, ect. I know I can always count on them to listen well and to be continually working hard. Athena is the quiet kind of leader, leading by example, and a kind word. Simon is the high energy leader that naturally encourages everyone around him to work harder.  Keep up the great work you two!



Cedar Park: Addison Porch– Addison has been extremely diligent and consistent in everything she does during practice. She not only listens to the instructions but she asks questions to better understand what we are working on. Every time she is at practice she is working as hard as possible and fun to have at practice.

Bee Cave:Shaye Ladzinski– Shaye comes into practice with an enormous amount of energy and competitive spirit. She has come a long way since she has joined Nitro. Not only has her family noticed her improvement but the coaches as well. Shaye will be a great leader for her Belterra Marlins Summer League Team. Shaye keep up the great work, we are all proud of you!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Alicia Perez & Sam Damon – Alicia comes to our Saturday morning practices, and has been swimming with NITRO a bit longer than the others.  She is always game, when I ask her to volunteer and demonstrate some swimming, for the newer guys.   Sam started fairly recently, and was a bit overwhelmed with all the terminology.  Last week we saw Sam, asking questions, and beginning to understand the   NITRO concepts.  Great job you two, thanks for bringing your impressive swimming, great attitudes, and high energy to the pool.  Thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Olivia Spedale– She arrives to practice with a giant smile and great attitude. Over the past few weeks we have been working with her backstroke. Her hard work and patience has translated to her being one of the top backstrokers in the group. Great job Olivia, keep up the great work.


Cedar Park:Adam Micek – Adam has developed a great deal of swimming skill and stamina since joining the group in the Fall.  It is mostly due to his hard work and competitive drive.  We love to see Adam take the lead in his lane when we need a good clock-reader and someone who understands what we are working on.  Adam has also jumped into competition, swimming in about 1 meet a month and doing a great job in competition- even long course!  Way to go, Adam!

Bee Cave:Avery McCrory– Avery has been working so hard on improving technique & has made HUGE improvements every week.  At the UT meet, she won just about every heat she was in, and showed off her new & improved stroke techniques!  Congratulations Avery!  Keep up the great work!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Thomas Shomper– From all that I heard he was the most focused swimmer at the meet this weekend, which resulted in his second TAGS cut (and first one long course!). Great job Thomas! And a great job to all who participated in the first long course meet of the season.

Bee Cave:Emily Ownby– Emily has returned to us after taking a few months off and we are glad to have her back.  Getting back into swimming is never easy and with Advanced Silver continuing to increase the workout intensity, we certainly haven’t made it any easier.  That said, Emily has attacked the workouts with gusto and it won’t be long before she is back in the swing of things.  Emily is always a pleasure on deck and in the water.  Keep up the great work Emily!


Cedar Park: The Long Course Kick-Off Attendees– Our swimmers at the meet this weekend did a great job swimming 90% best times throughout the entire meet, it was fun to watch swimmers drop several seconds every time they hit the water. We look forward to doing it again several weeks from now.

Bee Cave:Ben Olsen– Ben has been making big improvements in technique at practice lately.  He demonstrated his improved technique with very fast swimming at the meet this weekend!  Excellent job Ben!