Nitro Swim Team – Swimmer of the Week for May 28-June 2 and Swimmer of the Month for May 2012

Swimmer of the Week for 5/28- 6/2/12

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: ALL the Intro to Nitro Swimmers! – We have worked on so many challenging skills and each student has impressed me with their increased abilities.  They go above and beyond with skills like side breathing, flip turns and swimming longer distances, 100IM!  I am very proud to see all my swimmers overcome the different challenges that are in front of them and cannot wait to see what we can do this summer!  Congratulations on being Superstars!

Bee Cave: Ashley Szot – Ashley had an awesome week this week! She was consistently working hard, listening to instructions, and following through with what was asked of her. She demonstrated good sportsmanship by cheering on her teammates and by asking a lot of excellent questions. She also challenged herself to learn how to do a flip turn, something that has always been challenging for her in the past. Her determination and focus paid off in the end, because, by the end of practice she was my demonstrator. Keep up the great work sweetie!


Cedar Park: Brelyn Cary – Brelyn has done an amazing job over the course of the last few weeks. We love Brelyn’s can-do attitude and leadership confidence. Brelyn has grown significantly in her time with Bronze and growth is always something to celebrate. Thanks, Brelyn, for being such a diligent and enthusiastic swimmer.

Bee Cave: Erin Fitzgerald – Erin is always a great sport. She always has a smile on her face, she treats her teammates with courtesy and respect and always works hard in practice. Keep up the great work Erin!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: ALL OF MY SWIMMERS WHO ARE LEAVING FOR THE SUMMER, BUT SPENT A BETTER PART OF A YEAR WITH THE T/F GROUP!!!!!! You guys and gals were awesome in the pool.  It was a real treat and treasure to coach you this year.  Keep up the great work, teach your family and friends what you have learned and most of all and most importantly, THANKS FOR BEING A PART OF NITRO!!!  Have a great summer.

Bee Cave: Ava Li – Ava has been in our TF group for a while now. Since then she has transformed into a brand new swimmer. She always has a smile on her face, even when we have to tackle hard sets. She listens careful to the coach’s instructions and executes to perfection. We can rely on her to show demonstrations in any stroke. It won’t be long until she moves on forward to our silver group. Keep up the great work Ava!


Cedar Park: Javan Taylor – Javan has done a great job showing an impressive work ethic this past week, and leading his lead in a stellar way. He has gone from shy in the lanes, to leading his lane, smiling, having fun, and working hard. Looking forward to the summer and what he can do! Keep up the hard work Javan!

Bee Cave: Katie Sevrance – Katie is new to our Silver group and has emerged as an instant leader.  She is a wonderful example to the swimmers around her as she leads with a positive attitude, excellent work ethic, and intense determination.  Katie’s swimming speed & technique is improving on a daily basis and it’s very exciting to watch!  Keep up the great work Katie!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: David Heckman (aka Ninja) – He’s been through a tough few weeks with a broken wrist, and has kept a great attitude throughout it all. He’ll be participating in the Distance meet his weekend as his first meet without the cast and we know he’ll do great! Keep up the great work and positive attitude!

Bee Cave: Carson Newman – This has been a pretty light week with school ending and the schedule getting ready to switch over. That said, it’s really easy to fall into a complacent attitude at practice. However, Carson really showed me something with a fly set we did on Thursday.  It was, by far, the most effort I have ever seen out of her in a fly set. I proved to me and, I hope, to her that she can do a fly set right. Carson, give that kind of effort to this sport and it will give back to you. Keep it up!


Cedar Park: Max Chbaro – Max is an extremely hard worker in practice every day, having just come into our group he is having to work extra hard to keep with the pace, however he still challenged himself at this weekend’s Distance meet by swimming the 200 Back, 400 IM and 1500 Freestyle, the later of two were pretty much back to back events. Very impressed with his drive and no fear of anything attitude he comes to practice and meets with.

Bee Cave: Matt Hammond – Matt has dealt with many obstacles in his swimming career as of late, but chooses to rise to the occasion and excel regardless of his situation. He has been working particularly hard lately, despite his injuries, and swam very well at the Nitro Distance Meet.  He is an excellent leader and will continue to excel when he moves to our newly formed TAGS group this week.  Exciting things are coming your way Matt, keep up the great work!

Swimmer of the Month for May 2012

Cedar Park

High School Training: Morgan Griffith – Morgan has stepped his game up recently, working hard daily to improve his swimming. His focus is coming around, and is starting to unlock his swimming potential. Additionally, he has participated in multiple meets recently and has shown what all he can do. He’s raced incredibly well, and has shown improvement over the meets. He is setting himself up for a great long course season this summer. Keep working hard this summer, and great job Morgan!

TAGS 2: Summer Fullwood – Summer is relatively new to our group, but has done a phenomenal job training and racing since she came to us. In addition to her training, she always is asking what she can work on to improve her strokes. Summer is a workhorse and pushes herself to the max on our difficult sets, choosing to swim the fastest intervals and working. Very proud of the effort she has put in, it helps the training level of the group. Great job Summer, looking forward to Rockwall and championship season with the effort she’s putting in now!

TAGS 1: Haley Timmons – Haley is eager to get in and train, she is usually the first on in the water. She works hard in the water and during dry land and leads the group by example.

Senior: Hannah Pierce & Jacob Gwin – Jacob Gwin has earned recognition as Swimmer of the Month for a few reasons. For starters, he had (what he calls) a ‘perfect meet’ at the UT End of School Splash – dropping time in EVERY event he swam! Beyond that, we want to recognize and affirm the work that Jacob has been doing in practice to get back in shape. After a couple months of spotty training due to illness, HE’S BAAAACK! Jacob has been doing a great job of leading lanes and pushing himself. Thanks for your hard work! Like anything that Hannah does, she has worked ridiculously hard to become swimmer of the month. Hannah is a newer addition to the Senior group – but even in the short time that she’s been training with us, she has become a truce force of leadership and dedication. Hannah is fearless in her training and ambitious as a racer. She has added tenacity to the group; in her subtle, nose-to-the-grind-stone manner, Hannah is both a leader and athlete to watch. Go girl! Keep up the great work.

Sectional: Katie Nichols – Katie is making alot of the right decisions for her swimming in the future. She is a real pleasure to coach because you know she will give you everything she has in the pool. Her name will be in the bright lights someday.

Bee Cave

Senior 1/TAGS: Grant Thompson – Leading lanes, doing better on the technical aspects of the sport, better consistency, and development of vocal encouragement to teammates as well as very good early season Long Course swims, have earned Grant Swimmer of the Month! Keep it up!

Senior 2: Alex Montoya – Alex has been taking on faster intervals, has continued making progress in breaststroke, and has had a great attitude with training, pushing himself more and more this past month. Keep it up Alex and continue the improvements!

National Group Swimmer of May: Will Licon – Will has had his most consistent month of training since being a member of Nitro. Will has brought a well-balanced attitude with him mixing both fun and focus and really ramped up his training to new levels. The initial results of this work are being seen in his performances at the Elite Meet making 4 Championship finals, a new Olympic Trials cut and giving Brendan Hansen a run for his money in the 200 breast! Keep up that great training Will as it is laying the groundwork for a special summer and it is also infectious!