Nitro Swim Team | Swimmer of the Week for Aug 27 – Sep 1, 2012

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Valentina Gay & Ankush Rao– Valentina has a noticeably bright presence at practices.  She always has a smile and is always eager to tackle new challenges.  Ankush hasn’t missed a beat even though he was living up his summer vacation.  He has an incredible memory and loves to be the first to answer any questions asked to the class.  Way to go you two!  So impressed and proud of what each of you bring to our practices!

Bee Cave:Livia Woolery– Livia might just be one of the friendliest kids I know. She is ALWAYS smiling and happy to be at the pool. She works hard at every single practice, she is always focused on the task at hand. She listens well and she is just a joy to be around. Congrats Livi!


Cedar Park: Katherine Zografos– Katie has really had great week of practice coming from Intro just a few months ago and being at the point of leading her lane and being able to figure out the intervals. Really great job Katie excited to see you blossom throughout this swim season.

Bee Cave:Bridget Wu– Bridget just joined us from Intro to Nitro and has been doing a great job.  She has a fantastic smile and shows the coaches how much she enjoys being here by listening well and putting into practice the stroke corrections and focus we ask of her. Keep up the great work Bridget, you rock!

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park:Carolina Cabral & Dazzial Sachdeva – Both of these swimmers are fairly new to the NITRO program, but have shown great strides in their swimming.  To match that, they have an eagerness to be at the pool, willingness to push themselves, and a positive attitude to go.  Great job you two, thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Michael Cotton– This week Michael came to practice with a “can-do” attitude. In result, in just this week he has dramatically improved his freestyle and flip turns. More focus like this and the possibilities in the pool are limitless. Very proud of you Michael, keep up the great work!


Bee Cave:Ian Cullicott– Every practice, every set, every push off/turn/finish, Ian is working to get better. His attitude is infectious, and he never backs down from anything the coaches throw his way. Well done Ian!

Cedar Park: David Shay- David has come a long way in his swimming. He asks questions, does his best to understand the instructions, and works hard to deliver! Truly a joy to coach.

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Vlad Volobouev– Vlad has shown great leadership and work ethic this past week and I am really excited to see his improvement in one short week! Keep up the great work Vlad!

Bee Cave:Jacob Ward– Jacob joined us a few weeks ago and he has really stepped in as a leader in the group. I like his competitive nature and focus.  Jacob does a great job of listening and, with Adv. Silver growing as much as it did this week with so many new swimmers, helps to focus the group through leading my example. Jacob, keep up the great work!


Cedar Park: Dylan Gonzalez– Dylan has started this short course swim season with a great dedication to his workouts. His effort can be seen every day in practice and his need to become better is evident by his demeanor before and after practice, asking frequently what he needs to improve on and asking if the corrections he is making are correct. I am excited to see what this short course season has in store for Dylan.

Bee Cave:Tas Saunders & Noah Lightfoot– Having Tas in this group really pushes everyone as a whole. What makes him such a great presence as a leader is that he is coachable. Whatever a coach tells him, he listens with full attention. He had a stellar performance in a very grueling practice this past Saturday. Great to see your hard work pay off Tas, keep up the great work! Noah – Whenever I stop into a Gold practice, I can count on Noah’s face being flushed red due to his effort level. A natural leader, Noah has improved tremendously over the last two seasons. Keep it up Noah!

Swimmer of the Month for August 2012:

Cedar Park

High School Training:All the swimmers who have trained long course all summer!– All your hard work was impressive to see and I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish this short course season!  Terrific teamwork!

TAGS 2:Wyatt Welch– Wyatt has been on a roll since long course TAGS. He’s jumped to the front of the group and demonstrating awesome leadership qualities. Keep up the good work Wyatt!

TAGS 1:Jared Chulavatr & Hayley Krebsbach– Both have started the new season with a new dedication to swimming and are doing a great job.

Senior:Seon O’Grady– She has been working diligently over the last month to improve every aspect of her swimming. Her attention to detail has been fantastic, and we look forward to seeing that pay off.

Sectional:Christian Carroll– Christian swam at the Sectional Championship meet. He swam four events, 1500 Free, 400 Free, 200 Fly and 200 Back. All four events were career best for Christian and as a 15 yr. old he scored in the 1500 Free. He had an excellent shorten long course season.

Bee Cave

TAGS:Nathaniel Hartman– Congrats to Nathaniel on a fine first TAGS meet, then going back to the great Northwest and earning another TAGS time for next TAGS this past month!  Nathaniel recently joined Nitro from Oregon and has been a joy to coach. We look forward to seeing Nathaniel add more events to his TAGS line up. Congrats and welcome to Nathaniel and his family!

Senior:Amanda Burton & Kendall Miller – These two girls have showed great leadership within the group and have positively motivated the entire Senior group.  Both understood the expectation that was enforced at the beginning of the summer and eagerly attacked each practice and left with a smile on their face.  Amanda and Kendall are wonderful examples of hard work and character, I see them bringing great value to the group in the future.

Sectional:Mason Tenney – Congrats to Mason on making his first USA Swimming Junior National Meet. Mason earned this spot through outstanding improvement in his butterfly, and like usual, was a great teammate, swimming the backstroke leg of the 400 Medley Relay in a lifetime best.  Mason continues to be the leader of the BC Sectional group both in-and-out of the water.  Congrats to Mason!