Nitro Swim Team | Swimmers of the Week for June 11th – 16th

Swimmers of the Week for June 11th – 16th:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Suravi Karpe– We have been working on underwater streamline push offs and Suravi is queen.  If she is on her belly she will go the legal limit underwater.  If she is on her back she goes past the half way mark in the pool!  She has been an excellent demonstrator for her class setting high standards and is always trying to go farther.  Match that with her turbo speed kick and pull and Suravi is a force to be reckoned with!

Bee Cave:Bridget Wu– Bridget has really stepped up her game in this summer session by working extra hard and always trying to be the best in everything (listening, demonstrating, kicking, etc.). All her effort has paid off. She is excelling rapidly and showing huge improvements in all aspects of swimming. Bridget is also one of the friendliest little girls in all of my classes.  She is always excited to be in the pool and to learn something new, and always, has a big smile on her face. Excellent Job Bridget!


Cedar Park: Ainsley Shields– Ainsley was incredible this week, working hard and being a leader for her group. She has been doing so extremely well and look forward to her continued improvement, keep it up Ainsley!!!

Bee Cave:Tailyn Schaufelberger– Tailyn always has a smile on her face making it obvious to everybody how much she wants to be at Nitro.  She has a great attitude, has fun and listens to her coaches well.  In short all the attributes we want our Bronze swimmers displaying.  Keep up the great work Tailyn!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Simran Shah & Bao Tran– Simran was pretty impressive in the pool.  She worked on her flip turns, for twenty minutes, and by the end of practice, was a pro. Bao has really stepped up his game in the pool.  His timing on all of his strokes is improving. Both swimmers have great attitudes, and incredible energy, which they bring to the pool. Great job you two, thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Austin He– Austin has been in our TF group for a few months. Since that time I have seen him grow and mature in our advanced TF group. He works at a very high level at practice, giving it his all on every set. This past week he didn’t even know how to do a somersault. Now he can do efficient flip turns in his freestyle. Way to go Austin!


Cedar Park: Liam Ballon– Liam has done a great job this week working extremely hard on his swimming. He comes from a day long rowing class, and still finds the energy to work carefully on his strokes and make improvements and be a leader in his group. Keep up the hard work Liam!

Bee Cave:Colton Etheridge– Colton made some significant progress in practice this week & I am so proud of him!  The “switch” went off in him, and there is no stopping Colton now!  He is swimming faster than I’ve ever seen him, and working harder than ever.  The competitive fire is lit!  Keep it up Colton!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Vlad Volobouev– We’re been working on breaststroke all week, which is NOT Vlad’s favorite stroke. However, he’s been willing to make lots of changes and has seen a big improvement in his breaststroke this week. He even went from last in his lane to first in his lane by Thursday! Great job Vlad and keep up the good work!

Bee Cave:Noah Lightfoot– Many swimmers in the Adv. Silver group had a great week this week but Noah really stood out.   The level of control and concentration he had during our main set on Saturday was one of the best efforts I had see from him is some time.  It exemplified the kind of swimming the Adv. Silver group is all about.  Great job Noah, keep it up!


Cedar Park: Melissa Bartlett– Melissa had a great week at A&M Swim camp about two weeks ago and she has been doing an incredible job ever since in her daily workouts, pushing herself to the limit every single day and trying for some more. Very excited to see what championship meets have in store for her. Keep up the hard work Melissa!

Bee Cave:Grant Barney– Grant has been working really hard since moving up to Gold 2 weeks ago.  Last week, he had some tremendous practices & is making significant improvements in his stroke.  Keep it up Grant, your fast swimming & good stroke improvement will take you very far!!

3. That’s it for now. Thanks for being a part of Nitro, and we’ll see you at the pools! Coach Mike.