Nitro Bee Cave and Cedar Park Swimmers of the Week for January 9–15, 2017

Intro to Nitro


Cedar Park: Jasmine El-Abed

Jasmine always works really hard while having the biggest smile on her face. This past week Intro worked a lot on freestyle. Jasmine did a great job with her side breathing and getting a quick breath. She also did an AMAZING job with her kick set challenge. Great job Jasmine, keep it up! —Coach Hannah


Bee Cave: Medha Anantuni and Sanvi Patel

Medha and Sanvi rocked breaststroke week! Both ladies have made huge improvements on their breaststroke this week. This past week we focused on the kick and leading with the heels rather than the knees. Medha did a great job bringing her knees up, out, and around. In addition, she nailed the timing of the stroke holding a long glide. Sanvi also executed the timing of the stroke with perfection. These two always bring smiles and joy to the pool. Thank you for all your hard work! —Coach Raven




Cedar Park: Rhithvik Selvakumar

Rhithvik is a racer. He is already to go fast, whether that means during our kick set or racing off the blocks. It was his technique work on his breaststroke this week that earned him swimmer of the week. Rhithvik stayed long in his strokes, found an awesome body line, and crushed his turns. Way to go Rhithvik! —Coach Adam


Bee Cave: Adia Dailey

This young lady is developing a great looking breaststroke, what was 20 plus strokes a length is now 12 and will soon be lower. She is becoming the go to girl when asked to demonstrate patience on the 3.2.1 pullout drill! This puts her to the fourth line almost every time! Her timing is getting better and better and does a great job forming the “W” kick. The top of the stroke is tight and the lower she places the coconut the faster she glides. This is a great part of her stroke, as she shoots the arms and she drops under water she takes off when she drives the kick, very exciting to watch! Great job young lady! —Coach Chuck


Technique and Fitness


Cedar Park: Lea-Anh Nguyen and Theo Johnson

Lea-Anh really rocked it this past week working on her backstroke finishes and flip turns.  You want to go into the wall with aggression and confidence and she is doing that with 100% effort. Theo in just a half an hour was able to get his backstroke flip turns AND breaststroke pullout. Really impressed with everyone this past week. Lots to learn and implement. Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. —Coach Stephen


Bee Cave: Andrew Han

Andrew was my hero last week. He came to practice with swollen eyes and congestion like I’ve never seen before. I didn’t realize people could have allergies in January, but I’m learning a lot about Texas these days. Andrew showed up to practice when he could’ve easily skipped to rest – incredible dedication! The most amazing thing about the whole situation, though, was that he didn’t even tell me he was struggling. He never said a word. He didn’t make one complaint – not one! I figured it out for myself when he took his goggles off at the end of practice. Hang on, it gets better. As I reflected back on his practice, I remembered being impressed several times by his streamlines and underwaters. What an incredible kid! I’m lucky to be his coach. When adversity comes my way, I hope I show half the toughness this young man displayed. —Coach Jonny




Cedar Park: Tyler Yount

Tyler is relatively new to Silver as well as the sport of swimming. However he has come a long way in the few months he has been here. His body position has become much better as he has worked to get his head down while swimming. His kicks are much stronger and more consistent. And his under waters and turns are much more efficient. Tyler always has a humble and accepting attitude when given any criticism, and he has a strong work ethic. His hard work has paid off. This weekend at the B champs meet in San Antonio, he dropped time in every single event including a whopping ten seconds in his 100 back! —Coach Claire


Bee Cave: Garrett Herb

Garrett brings so much energy and positivity to practice, it has rubbed off on his teammates and me. It seems like he is always happy and nothing will get him down, which is such a great trait to have in swimming and in life. Garrett should be happy with his swims at the 2017 ST AAAA B Championship meet this past weekend in San Antonio. Garrett had a great 100 Backstroke, dropping 2.57 seconds and achieving a BB time in that event! Garrett is such a great kid, and having interacted with his family for much of the weekend, I can say it’s no coincidence. The Herbs are one of the many great families at Nitro! Great job, Garrett! —Coach Peter


Advanced Silver


Bee Cave: Brock Weaver

Brock has shown in the past several meets, his talent for racing as sparks fly when he dives in! He is now motivated to take those sparks to the next level and begin building his endurance, knowledge and technical prowess.  Brock is committed to becoming the best he can be. Keep it up! —Coach Paige


Gold I & II


CP Gold I: Kai Pitkanen and Halley Terrell

Kai is always up for a challenge. Whether it’s time to race or focus on certain skills, I know Kai will get the job done. The growth I’ve seen in him in the small amount of time he has been in the group amazes me. Halley was on and off over the Christmas break, but she has come back with a vengeance, working harder than I’ve seen before. She is very deliberate in her strokes and turns, making all movements in the water look easy! Both of these swimmers did an awesome job at the B Champs swim meet this past weekend, as they had huge time drops all over the place. Way to go guys! —Coach Adam


CP Gold II: Nicholas Kundivich

When it comes to body lines, there are few who are as good as Niko.  He stays tall, long, and extended through his freestyle and doesn’t peek forward when he swims.  Niko is very deliberate with his strokes and it’s really paying off.  Keep it up, Niko! —Coach Alex


Bee Cave: Cheenu Pandey

Wow! What an impression Cheenu left on me and the other coaches over the past few week(s). He only keeps getting stronger and stronger, and does not give up in workouts. He is consistently keeping up with the A interval, and challenges himself to get better each day. I am quite impressed not only with his swimming, but with him overall demeanor at practice. Way to go Cheenu! —Coach Allison