Nitro Swimmer of the Month for March 2014

Cedar Park

High School Training: Elizabeth Chen – Elizabeth is a swimmer you can count on to work hard.  No matter what kind of set is presented to her, she’ll hop in right away and do exactly what’s asked of her.  She is a goal-driven swimmer who knows what her short- and long-term goals are and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them.  We coaches love to see that type of professionalism in our athletes and are looking forward to her future.  Keep it up, EC! – Coach Alex

TAGS 1:  Payton Marvin –  Payton had a great TAGS. Payton has also become the training leader for TAGS1, and has really taken her training to another level so far this season. Coach Greg.

TAGS 2: Jack Grieshop – Jack had a fantastic TAGS meet dropping in several events. He finished second place in the 200 Butterfly with a time of 2:08.44. His overall improvement this Short Course season has been tremendous and fun to watch. The Coaches and I are looking forward to his Long Course season and what he can accomplish. – Coach Flo

Senior: Lauren Partridge, Nick Shomper, Grey Player, Garrett Mott, Reaghan Stephenson & Hannah Palacios: All of these swimmers have been working extremely hard to make a move to the next level group. Grey and Lauren making the move to TAGS 1 group and Nick, Garrett, Reaghan & Hannah making the move to the National Development. Congratulations to all those swimmers, looking forward to your continued improvement. – Coach Dakota & Alex

National Development: Garrett Hailes – Garrett was one of three swimmers to attend all four days of the stroke breakdown/technique work I held over Spring Break. Since Sectionals I have seen Garrett focus more on his technique for longer periods of time, showing more leadership during practices, doing extra work on his starts/breakouts and training with more focus. He seems to be more driven to achieve his goals starting of this long course season. This is a great thing to see in a swimmer and keep the continued focus going as the season gets more involved. Great job! – Coach Rob

Bee Cave

High School & Middle School Training: Michelle Chang – Michelle did a great job this month! She is really putting the extra effort it. She does her best to work on her strokes and always gives her all on tough sets. Good job Michelle! – Coach Meghan

Senior: Trevor Oldham – Trevor has been a rising leader in our senior group lately. Trevor always comes to practice with his game face on. He has been working his tail off and it is surely paying off. When we enter our sprint specific sprint sets, Trevor really separates himself from the group. Keep up the great work Trevor, long course will be exciting! – Coach Adrian

TAGS:  Andrew Osorio— Sometimes with a swimmer moves into a new group, it takes them awhile to adjust to the different training.  With Andrew that is not the case.  He has only been with us for a short time, but has already made his presence known in the group.  Andrew is becoming a quiet leader of the group from leading lanes and pushing others one set after another.  Andrew is helping everyone in the group and raising the bar.  Great work Andrew keep it up! Coach Scott.

National Development:  Brian Jordan — Over the past month we have been very focused on improving underwaters.  For some this comes naturally, and others have a more difficult time.  For Brian, it has been a tough road, but he is sticking with it.  Brian is one of our hardest working swimmers (in and out of the pool–he is in 7 AP classes!) and I know he is always giving his best effort.  This month has been a bit frustrating for him with all the underwater work, but he is improving already and getting better every day.  Keep up the great work Brian! Coach Scott.

National Group: Christian Carroll – Christian is one of our hardest trainers day in and day out especially as he trains with the D-Group. The real thing that separated Christian out this month was that Christian was the only swimmer to attend all 4 days of stroke breakdown/technique work over the spring break. This tells us where Christian is and where he wants to go and that he is definitely motivated to have an awesome LCM season. Well done Christian, keep training with passion and focus and raise the bar for yourself and your teammates! – Coach Tim